Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back Again

I am back from my little blogging break. A day late and many dollars short. We had a lovely getaway with family. A break in the big city. It wasn't far and we've been there a gazillion times and the weather was the pits but it was oh, so fun and oh so precious. Out of the only couple of nice sunny days that we had we took off to a little lake resort we'd never been to before. They have a great outdoor waterslide and so we partook of that. Well, 4 out of 5 of us did. Hubby did a wonderful job doing all the running for food and whatnot for us. What a great guy. He so does not like water stuff but he sat there all day while the rest of us had a blast and did not complain once or try to get us to wrap it up.

This place was beautiful. I wish I could have taken a picture of the beautiful lake from the top of the waterslide. What a view. But the only reasonable way down is in the slide, as the stairs up are packed. So that made taking that pic impossible. But I did manage a few pics.

No, that is not me in the bikini on the right but thanks for asking.

Yes, my daughter talked me into going down this one. You can go single, doubles, or three at a time. Not only do you have the first trip down, you come up the backside of the half-pipe backwards, then back up the first side where for some reason known only to physics you start turning and finish off the ride sideways, turned around or something like that. Yes, it was scarey, yes, my stomach was in my throat. Yes, I screamed like a fool. While laughing my head off simultaneously. And yes, my kids still admit I'm their mom. Bless their little hearts.

Kay and Jay in the part where you start to turn sideways.

Tia going it solo. I swear she rode this thing twenty times.

I was not talked into going on this one. Appropriately named Hari Kari and Kama Kazi. You ride on your stomach, for heaven's sake. What the park did not need was to see a 40 something, overweight mother of three teens come flying down that with her backside in the air. We would have been sued for therapy bills. Tia, the dare devil, however, also rode this one about twenty times. I couldn't look. All I could see was dental bills in the future.

At one point a nice couple sitting next to us on the grass, asked if our oldest teen, Kay who's 17 1/2, came with us willingly. When we said yes, they were amazed. Their 16 year old refuses to do anything with the family anymore. I must say I was very proud of my girl at that point. On a family vacation she participates in everything. And even back home she still does things with us. I realized what a blessing my kids really are. My heart was so sad for this couple. Oh on a side note, this same couple was telling us that 17 years ago when they were at this waterpark, they used to have tubes go down that Kama Kazi/Hari Kari thing. They went on it and on the last bump they flew right off. As in right off the waterslide and landed on the ground. Shudder. Now they don't allow tubes on there anymore. Just mats and you have to ride on your stomach. Another reason you will never see me go down any slides with bumps.

Even when the clouds rolled in like this, we could not get Tia off the slides. I think they had fun.

I'm sure this post is now well past Katherine's 500 word recommendation, so I'll stop here, but tomorrow I'll tell you about the white knuckle ride we had, and no it wasn't at the amusement or water park, and yes, it had nothing and everything to do with those clouds that rolled in. And wait to you see what I bought.


Kelli said...

Wow, that looks like a great time !

Cyndi said...

Oh, it looks like y'all had fun! I took the kids (and they each chose a friend to go, too) to a water park last week. You're WAY more fun than I am. I just found a nice beach chair by a hut and a pool while they rode the slides. I know what you mean about sparing everyone a therapy bill, LOL.

Susanne said...

Cyndi: I'm a nut case. In my head I still think I can do everything I did 20, even 10 years ago. And I've always loved water fun. But oh, I pay for it later on, if I forget the ibuprofen. ;v)

Monkey Giggles said...

welcome back...I missed your post.

GiBee said...

Welcome back! Looks like fun was had by all!!!

Beck said...

I certainly don't mind reading over 500 words when they're as interesting as yours, Susanne!
This made me so sad:
"Their 16 year old refuses to do anything with the family anymore."
I KNOW that they're the ones who made their family culture but still - poor them.

Jen said...

pleased you all had a great time

Linda said...

I'm with Cyndi -you are a great sport. I finally just got rid of my bathing suit and decided I would never do that stuff again. However, you make it look and sound like such fun. I'm glad you all had a good time. Wonderful memories!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

And I read EVERY WORD, down to the bumping off the Kama Kazi slide. Good for you, putting your foot down on the backside issue. You just keep on writing, Susanne, and I'll keep reading! Especially when you include such beautiful pictures.

Glad you are back - it's been awfully quiet around here without you! You've been missed!

Barbara H. said...

It's good to have you back! Looks like great fun! Though I have to say -- I like water rides when inside some type of vehicle like at Six Flags -- but I don't think I could get myself to slide down inclines like that on a mat or my stomach.

Sad about the family whose daughter didn't want to do anything with them. My guys have always participated in whatever we do, and it's so fun to create those family memories together.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Nah--not too long-winded. Good recap, and even just looking at the pictures made my stomach drop! My husband and I rode a super-crazy roller coaster in May, and I also was screaming and laughing the whole time. I'm glad he made me ride it.

{Karla} said...

I CANNOT wait until my kids are old enough to go on all of that stuff with me!!!

Glad you had a great time!


Shalee said...

Oh, Susanne. You are my kind of waterpark-loving gal! Fun fun fun!

I'm glad you all had a blast, even if you did have to sport yourself in a swimsuit to do it.

And remember that Katherine's 500 word limit is more like a suggestion.

Tammy said...

I loved hearing about your vacation, Susanne! I have never seen a water slide quite like that one- what a great time you all must have had! And what a sweet, unselfish husband to patiently let you all enjoy it!

That lighthouse photo is stunning, by the way!

Laura said...

What fun!

My stomach was in my mouth just looking at the pictures of that one ride. And the other one. NO. THANK. YOU.

So glad you are back. :)

Jenny in Ca said...

wow, great photos, I really love the last pic of the lighthouse, just beautiful. Your word picture of a mom going down the slide on her stomach had me in stitches..yes, it gets to a point when you have to keep your dignity in mind!

that is sad about the family and their dd, it's nice to be outside the mainstream, isn't it?

glad you are back, now what did you buy and do we get to see a picture?

Linda said...

I can relate to so much of your post. I'm thankful for teens who are still part of the fam, too. And the slide looks great.Your comments were so funny. Talk later.

ellen b said...

Welcome back from your vacation. It looked like a perfect trip for the family. Looking forward to hearing about your white knuckles!

Susie said...

What fun! You do know how to have a great time with the kids.

Lisa writes... said...

Fun, fun! And welcome back!

Chappyswife said...

That's crazy! It does look like fun, but straight down - oh my gosh! I would not have ridden the one that you skipped either!

I bet your kids will remember this forever.

Barb said...

Oh, that made me feel bad for that couple too. How sad a 16 year old doesn't want to do things with the family any more. Not good.

For heavens sake, look at that water slide. No way! There's no way I'd do it so I'm really proud of you. You're a lot braver than I am, for sure. What a fun, fun thing for all of you to do together. And hubby is a great sport about it all. Rob wouldn't do the water thing either. And I'd like to think he wouldn't complain either. LOL