Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Giveaway Central

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Well, looky here. If you haven't seen this totally cute button around yet, it's a Bloggy Giveaway. Shannon from Rocks in My Dryer has gotten her creativeness going (again) and come up with a way for all the giveaways going on in blogland to all come together on one day. A "Giveaway Central" if you will. And everyone is invited to join in. Just click on the adorable doggy and Shannon will give all the details. I can hardly wait. I'm already itching to get my name in for some to die for chocolate that's going to be given away at my friend Linda's.

So go. Click on that puppy and join in on the summer fun!

Now back to work for me! Painting today.


Tammy said...

It's so funny, because I just posted a book giveaway of my own today...before I found out about this! I'd make mine a part, but it was already announced and the winner will be drawn on Saturday...oh well!

Anyway, come on over if you're interested...I know how you like books, Susanne! :)

Linda said...

Oh dear; I so want to do this right. You'll help me, right?? I can't wait to play.