Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Chicks, more chicks, and a rabbit

No profound, thinking post today as we were too busy having fun making these:

Aren't they the cutest little chicks. And so easy.

~Just have the children color or paint yellow a circle that you've drawn on paper or a slight oval shape is nice too.

~ You can use round eyes you've drawn, have them color that too. Or you can use google eyes. I used the coloring ones because I didn't have enough google eyes to go around. Color a triangle for the beak.

~Color the foot shape with 3 toes as in the pic.

~If the child is able have him cut all the peices out, if not you get the pleasure. I did hand over hand with the smaller ones.

~Have them glue the eyes, beak and feet on. Now I let them do this totally on their own with just a touch of guidance for the smallest ones. Don't expect perfection. Some of the chicks look like they've been nipping a bit of brandy, but that is part of the charm of a project like this.

~To make the wings trace around the child's hand and again do the cutting. This cutting is hard even for the four year olds. So I even helped them when it came to the finger part. Glue to the sides of the body.

~Don't forget to write their name and age on the back if it goes into a keepsake box.

Voila a whole flock of cute birds to decorate your house.

And we did these cute bunny crowns yesterday and played bunny role play all day. You can make little holes and hutches out of piles up blankets. They loved it.


PastorMac's Ann said...

Awww, cute little chicks! Looks like you've been having a fun week, Susanne.

Linda said...

Where were you when mine were 9, 6, and 3?! Do you think I could get them to make these now??

Carol said...

My kids would call Child Protective Services on me if I proposed we do this. But there was a day when they would have been a big hit over here. And they would have been proudly displayed until...oh...halloween.

Very cute!

Lisa writes... said...

Sigh...I so admire women who actually do crafts with children...

Susie said...

I love it! I want to do this with my kids this week. Thanks for sharing an easy craft.

Jen said...

I love your chicky wall
and thanks for explaining how you made them Im going to keep the directions I will probably use them sometime :)

Beck said...

Very excellent! Now I know what I'll be doing with The Boy and The Baby tomorrow.

org junkie said...

What a hoot Susanne...I want to come to your dayhome and play!


Melanie said...

When my daughter was in Kindergarten, I helped with a lot of art projects- most of them involving painting feet and hands. The teacher always assigned me the feet for some reason.
We missed out on these cute chicks!
But I can tell you that footprints make great butterflies, too.

{Karla} said...

Those are C.U.T.E

I need quick easy ideas, since I have 2 vomity kids at home and can't go anywhere... so these will be made in our home today!


Jane said...

Aw, how cute are always have such great craft ideas Susanne!

Kim said...

I love the little chicks! We will be making those! great idea!


Barb said...

I swear, if I still had littl ones, I'd drive to Canada to drop them off at your place every morning. Those little chicks are adorable! :-)

Rona's Home Page said...

What a terrific job.