Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen ~ 13 Places I'd Rather Be Right Now

It's only 7:45 a.m. and it's already been one of them there mornings so for Thursday 13 I bring to you:


1. On that cruise ship pictured above

2. In an english garden in a garden chair reading a book.

3. Getting a massage.

4. At Starbucks or Esquire's ordering one of these.

5. Drinking the above by a gurgling stream.

6. Drinking the above with her and checking out her snowman dishes.

7. Drinking the above with her while she makes me sausage, biscuits & gravy.

8. Drinking the above with her discussing family (of course the above mentioned beverage would then be tea).

9. At her house to meet her irrepressible four-legged, blog- named -after- her, friend. And maybe to learn how to make these in person.

10. At her house to see live and in person The Girl, The Boy and The Baby. And of course to chat with her.

11. What the heck, on a road trip to make a stop at all your houses to have coffee and MIRL!!!

12. At the Christain Book Store spending my gift certificate from my Basketball girl.

13. At the mall, spending the money I got being this month's Clothes Horse cash pot winner.


Barb said...

What fun it would be if you could come over and we could make a mountain of burritos together! Here's an open invitation. Drop in any time, my friend.

Meantime, truly you can make these without me holding your hand. Easy, peasy. :-)

Well this list just makes me want to go somewhere, anywhere at all, that's not snowy and cold. Alas, I think my current travel itinerary only includes a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and the grocery store. Still, I seriously can't remember the last time I left the house so going anywhere at all is sounding pretty good! :-)

Doris said...

Hope your day has gotten better. :)

Tammy said...

This was so cute...can I join you for each and every one of those places??? Pretty please?
Hope your afternoon is ten times better!

Shalee said...

Yay! I still made the list! And when you do stop by, I'll just join you and we'll make it a progressive visiting trip, okay?

(And I thought it funny that Mr. Right just asked for B & G for Saturday morning... We'll have plenty so show up early!)

Kim said...

I love your Thursday Thirteen! That Starbucks drink sounds and looks so good! I'd love to drink it with you...but you would not want to be at my house today! 3 sick babies!!!

Fun List!


Jen said...

Dreams are free
Coffee is yummy
Barb is special
and I hope you have a good day

Beck said...

You'd be totally welcome! But you should be happy that you weren't here this afternoon - the Boy was being so awful that I burst into tears in front of a visiting friend. What a great moment in parenting THAT was! (his dad is gently talking to him RIGHT now about this afternoon's behaviour...)
What a fun list! I'm so happy to be on it!

Susie said...

Great Thursday Thirteen. I'm coming too!

org junkie said...

Great list but did I miss something? What the heck is a Clothes Horse cash pot winner??? That one had me stumped.

I can't believe you wouldn't want to spend all day organizing with me...come would be fun..I promise...LOL!


Jennifer said...

Cute--you have me craving creamy cinnamon coffee. said...

How fun! I just came home from a "Girls night out" and was able to do several things on your list! A yummy dinner, a trip to the Christian book store and just being with other moms is great fun! Blessings!

gail said...

What a fun T13! The garden reading a book sounds good, but would love to go to Starbucks.

PastorMac's Ann said...

Can I tag along?

Jane said...

Great post! And that coffee looks so yummy!

Jennifer said...

my. that latte looks good!

really, really, really cute and sweet TT list! that is one of the best I have seen. Loved it!

I would love to mirl with some of the bloggers I read daily, starting to feel like you are all old friends.

p.s. I showed hubby the clotheshorse photo, he had such a laugh!