Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Small Thing=A Big Help

Was one of your goals for the year to be more loving, to help those in need? Well, here is a couple of ways you can get started on that right away. If you don't know Kelli, she is a sweet blogging friend, a Christian lady, a loving wife, a mother of two teenagers. And Kelli needs a kidney transplant. It is not an option. She's had all the tests. She's been approved. But there is a hurdle to get over. The financial mountains Kelli and her family are facing are daunting to say the least. You can go over and read all about it here and here. Kelli definitely needs our prayers.

But there is a couple other ways you can help out too. A couple of blogland's ladies, specifically BooMama and Susie of Bluebird blogs have created ways that we can reach out in a tangible way.

First Susie, the wonderfully talented lady who created my site and so many others you see and admire as you go through blogland, is donating 20% of any orders she recieves from January 11 - January 21 to Kelli to help out. If you've been thinking of a new design or sprucing yours up, now would be a great time. You'll be blessed with a new look and you'll be blessed from helping someone out. Now how cool is that!

Or, you can head over to BooMama's to this post to get information on a way to donate toward's this need. On January 16th, Boomama has set up an Amazon Pay Page to make a way for us to be able to make a donation. She's mentioned $1.50 as a minimum donation. Some of us can do more but all of us can do $1.50 can't we?

Please prayerfully consider these options to help a fellow blogger out!


{Karla} said...

I love this -- to see so many women coming together. It's beautiful!


Barb said...

Susie's generous offer doesn't surprise me at all. She's another one of those really special people out here. What a nice thing for her to do!

Susie said...

This is such a wonderful idea. I just ordered a web design from Susie and I am so happy that will help Kelli in the process. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Kim said...

I will b praying for her---great to see so much support. Thanks for the info on how we can help.


Chris said...

I too will be praying and helping.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Pretty Lady said...

You are so thoughtful and so many of you doing great things for the others in need.
I am not good with designs at all so I have to and check out the links. God bless you!

Linda said...

I just spoke with Sus this morning about getting a new "face" on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I echo Karla's sentiment, it is so wonderful to see all these people coming together for Kelli, I read her story and it's so moving. She's in the best hands possible, God will prevail!

Tammy said...

I saw this first on Barb's and I think it's a wonderful testimony of God's people from all over, coming together to help someone who needs it so desparately.
I personally don't know Kelli very well, but I think I visited her blog a few times...and it's heartbreaking what she's going through.
I'm going to be giving something, since I know every little bit helps.
Thanks for posting this, Susanne!

Beck said...

This is just the sweetest, kindest thing. I'm seeing what I can do.

Air Force Family said...

Thank you for helping get the story/need out to the rest of us Susanne. I'll be helping one way or the other.
Have a great day!