Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm over at Faith Lifts today. Please come on over there and join in on the discussion.

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Air Force Family said...

Thank you for your beautiful post, Susanne. Isn't God truly wonderful?!?! I needed to hear/read what you wrote. God bless you.

Tina said...

you have the cutest Blog!

Melanie said...

I thought of this in a different way.
I tend to be less thankful about things I have tried to be thankful for-
For example, if I, in my humanness, look for God's Blessing through a tough time and then receive It, I tend to take it for granted.
On the other hand, when I am going through a rough time (for me it is usually a season of depression or anxiety) and I keep my faith in Him, but still do not expect a blessing, I tend to be even more thankful for the blessing. (The key is to stay the course and keep my faith. As you said, I can't grumble through it all and be thankful.)
For me, it is like that seed that I never knew was planted. Like the stray vegetable plant that sprouted in a place you never expected. That plant is a reminder to me that God can do and will do anything His Way, and in places I did not expect. It is an unexpected bonus, if you will, a reminder that He is in control.

Julie said...

Hey Susanne, I enjoyed reading you over at Faith Lifts today.

And I always pictured you with blonde hair, how about that? Thanks for your encourgement!

PastorMac's Ann said...

Great post Susanne. I think I'll mediate on your question and come up with a plan.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

sorry I missed this post - I was away - i will go catch it now! :)