Monday, November 13, 2006

Party Time for Peach

Happy birthday

To my dear friend,
Peach, on your 40th birthday. May many blessings be your on this special day!


If you'd like to join in the party, head over to Chilihead's and link on.


Air Force Family said...

What a cute video!

Anonymous said...

Susanne-I added the link for my poppy seed chicken if you are interested.

I wished Peach a Happy Birthday, sounds like she had a fun weekend! Thanks for the link to post that!

Barb said...

How cute! Peach will get a kick out of it. I did a birthday post for her, too. She's such a special person and I know this little surprise Chilihead put together for her is going to tickle her.

Peach said...

Thank you for the video. It is so sweet of you to think of me. I am SOOOO touched!!

Susie said...

How cool is that! Very techie, my hubby would love it.

Anonymous said...

That was cool! Blessings sent to Peach!!!