Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday Thirteen~You are What You Eat!


1. Turkey, of course

2. Dressing, of course

3. Instant mashed potatoes * see note below

4. Maple spiced yams

5. Gravy

6. Honey glazed carrots

7. Fresh veggies with Dill dip

8. Cranberry Sauce

9. Pickled Beets & Onions

10. Pickles

11. Apple Squares

12. Cherry Tarts

*ah yes, my little added note. If you know me personally you would be looking at me in astonishment at the words "instant mashed potatoes" But I had a silly little incident of almost 5 lbs. of cooked potatoes doing a 1/2 Gainer (that's a type of dive) into my sink and doing a very nice splaaaat just before I was going to serve dinner. Sigh. I was so mad at myself. So beloved hubby ran to the grocery store and rescued me with 4 boxes of instant mashed potatoes. And even though it almost killed me to set them on the table everyone was very gracious and said they were good. Ya, I gotta say they weren't too bad, mind you on my plate they were doing the back stroke in the pool of gravy so probably if I would have set out polly filla that gravy would have made it taste good!


Barbie said...

OK I'm really really hungry now. Can't wait for one more month until we can feast like that:)

gail said...

Ooh, sounds really good! I made your slow cooker barbecue beef and we enjoyed it..thanks for sharing it!

Pretty Lady said...

Mmmmm!! Yummy! By the way, You have been tagged by me! If you wish and have the time. Thank you.

org junkie said...

I loved your note...know why? Because that is totally something that would happen to ME! Wow, so happy I'm not the only one. You've made my day! Laura

Barbara H. said...

Sounds like a great feast!

I can see me doing the potato dunking thing. :) I'm so thankful for instant stuff! That incident, I'm sure, will make the "Remember when..." of future family stories. :)

lrlwreath said...

YUUUUUMMMMMM, I am so ready for Thanksgiving. I will be able to eat then =)))

Barb said...

Um, what's polly filla? Really. What is that?

This is Martha here telling you that instant potatoes are completely acceptable and about 100% easier. If you do it right, you can even make them have lumps just like real potatoes. :-)

The maple spiced yams sound wonderful. That just jumped right out at me. I think I might need to beg you for that recipe.

The backstroke in your gravy. Good grief. Me too! It's all about the gravy. What a cute Thursday Thirteen.

Anonymous said...

Your meal sounded wonderful...I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving.