Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday 13

(yes, it is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada)

1. I'm thankful first and foremost for Jesus Christ, God's own Son.

2. I'm thankful that the Lord saved me and made me His own and that He gave to me His Word and the Holy Spirit to guide me in this life.

3. I'm thankful He has given me a wonderful husband to spend the rest of my life with.

4. I'm thankful for 3 of the best kids out there. My life would not be complete without them.

5. I'm thankful that my Mom and Dad are both still with us and have been able to watch their grandchildren grow.

6. I'm thankful for the wonderful friends I've made through this blogging world.

7. I'm thankful for the beautiful fall we are having.

8. I'm thankful that I have eyes to see the beautiful colors, a nose to smell all the fall smells, and ears to hear the crunch of those leaves.

9. I'm thankful for the laughter of children.

10. I'm thankful for the church family the Lord has made me a part of.

11. I'm thankful I live in this beautiful country of Canada which knows no wars on her land.

12. I am thankful for those who leave family and friends so that this counry may stay that way and those who go and help restore peace to those countries who have seen war.

13. I am thankful for the Lord's provision in my life.


Jennifer said...

Really nice list, Susanne.'s good to be reminded.
Happy Thanksgiving,

Jenny in Ca

Beck said...

I'm thankful you wrote that! What a great list.

Anonymous said...

And I am thankful for you.

Great TT.

Gail said...

Really good list...I'm thankful for Jesus too. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

org junkie said...

That was really beautiful. I also be enjoying Thanksgiving this weekend. Enjoy! Laura

Kate said...

Oh how neat! I had no idea it was Thanksgiving weekend there in Canada! What a wonderful list. So so much to be thankful for each and every day.
PS - I did the tag finally - it was fun!

Heather Smith said...

Beautiful 13! We truly do have so much to be thankful for! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!

Shalee said...

LOVE your thankful heart, Susanne, and the way that the Lord is laced through all the facets of your list.

Barbara H. said...

Very nice list! I'm thankful for all of the same things, except I live in the US and my parents and father-in-law are no longer with us.

Anonymous said...

Very much around us all to be thankful for, yes?

Nicole said...

I didn't know that yall celebrated Thanksgiving at a different time than we did! Learn something new every day.

Sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for.

Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of great things to be thankful for.

MugwumpMom said...

Those are very worthy things to be thankful have your priorities right!

Peach said...

These are beautiful, Susanne. I love that you did a thankfulness post. Happy Thanksgiving to you. What's on a Canadian Thanksgiving menu?