Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Yup, totally turkeyed out! Every single year we all look at each other and groan, and ask why we did it to ourselves again! We clean, we cook, and bake. And then we sit down to the feast. And I've got to say that I did not take a whole bunch of any one thing, but when I looked down at my plate it was still brimming. By the time a took a little of this, and a tablespoon of that, it was the hog fest all over again. But boy was it good!

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Some of you have asked for Canadian Thanksgiving traditions and what we do to celebrate. I'd say it was very similar to the the U.S. Thanksgiving except that we don't line up at Walmart at 5:30 a.m. to get all the good deals for Christmas on Thanksgiving morning. :v)

In my family we either have turkey or ham, depending on whose hosting and who's coming. My dad is allergic to turkey so if he's coming it will definitely be ham. And there is the whole shebang of side dishes and desserts. We usually have the usual potatoes, yams in one form or another, pumpkin pie, apple squares, and stuffing. The things that remain constant from year to year is family laughing and enjoying each other's company, way too much food, dishes stacked on every counter and everyone sprawled out on the couches for a movie afterwards all the while groaning that we ate way too much and why do we always do this to ourselves. This year the guys beat us to the remotes so they had a western already going before the girls even made it into the living room. So after watching scruffy looking, unshaved men talking out the sides of their mouths with cigarettes in between their teeth and shooting at anything that moved for 20 minutes (no not our guys, the cowboys in the movie) the girls joined the kids downstairs to watch "Hoodwinked". I fell asleelp in spite of being poked every 10 minutes by niece to make sure I didn't fall asleep too deeply. Why don't kids ever get tired after a turkey meal?

Later, teen daughter and I watched the Amazing Race. I always enjoy watching this with her. It's so easy for us to be the couch potatoe coaches telling all the teams what they should do, shouldn't do and groaning as they make wrong decisions. She gets frustrated with the girly girls who constantly whine that they can't do this or that and who cry at the drop of a hat. And I get frustrated with the teams that argue, fight and yell at each other through the whole race. We pick our favorites and cheer them on. And we laugh together at the goofy things that are said and done all in the name of getting to that mat before the next team. All in all, a real nice weekend.

Now to get back into work mode for tomorrow. Arrrgh, that's always the hardest part. Personally, I think we should make the day after a holiday a "post-holiday mandatory day off" so that we can all get over the eating and staying up late of the holiday. Employers should like this as their employees would come to work much more awake and with more energy as the turkey would have had that extra day to digest. Yes, I think that is an idea that would really bring about more productivity amongst the working peoples. Now to just get the goverments to recognize such a thing.


Anonymous said...

I'm all for more days off work! Lol. Glad to hear you had a good time.

Tammy said...

It was interesting to hear how similar your Thanksgiving is to ours!

Actually, the biggest shopping day of the whole year in the U.S. is the day after Thanksgiving...sales start at 5 am at some stores...I've never lined up THAT early, though! Especially when I have a tummy still full from turkey and dressing! :)

We have it, as I'm sure you know, always on a Thursday, so a lot of folks get a four-day weekend. I feel sorry for you that you have to go back to work so soon...I agree, you really should have an extra day to recover! ;)

Susie said...

Sounds like our Thanksgiving except there is football, football, football and more football. The guys watch it and then have to go throw in the front yard. I love the food, but hate the clean up.

momrn2 said...

Sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you had such a nice, relaxing time.

I'm with you!! Mandatory days off after any holiday sounds like a great idea!

Barbie said...

Never ever knew our Thanksgivings were on different days. But they seem very similiar:) Sounds like great fun, but yes waking up to a house full of little after a big turkey dinner is tiring! Wish you had the day off.

org junkie said...

Oh I hear you on the too full thing...I ate way way too much but it was sooo good!!! Gosh so much work though. This was the first Thanksgiving I've actually had to prepare as my mom always used to do it but her and my dad up and moved to Ont. I think we did okay but our stuffing was a little dry. Laura

Tiffany said...

Happy Thanksgiving. It's all cooking here at my house. Though I tend rebel with traditions of turkey and dressing. I love cooking something special , I leave the turkey to my mom. She is awesome at cooking it. I know I could never measure up in that department.
I love the tradition of giving thanks for our blessings and our family and friends, but I'm not a turkey fan. After all the food is gone we all sit around or dance, weird I know, but it's time to get out the christmas songs and start singing. I'm blessed that my guy is not a football fan.
Happy Turkey day!!!!

Shalee said...

See that day-after, early Walmart run is worth it, especially if we get the day after Thanksgiving off too!

Sounds like a lot of fun, Susanne!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Yes - my plate is always so full and then of course I NEED to eat some pumpkin pie! :)

Beck said...

I'm still full, and our Thanksgiving dinners were on Saturday and Sunday. I think it was having turkey (your dad is allergic to turky? Can he eat other fowl?) two nights in a row that did it. I like your post-holiday holiday idea.

Barb said...

One thing that's nice is that our Thanksgiving is always on Thursday and a lot of businesses give their employees Friday off, too. That's good because it takes about four days to recover from the feast!

It sounds like you had a really nice holiday. I'm glad.

And for me and my daughters, it's the day after Christmas that you'll find us standing around waiting for the doors to open at Walmart. We get such amazing bargains, it's been our tradition for year now.

Pretty Lady said...

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Day and thanks for sharing what you did, I can't wait for ours to arrive. I love Thanksgiving day because Christmas comes right behind it. Yipppee!!!

Melanie said...

Thanks for sharing. Sounds a lot like ours. BTW- Hoodwinked is one of our family's favorite movies. It has made its way into our classics stack.