Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen 4 and a question

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Now that I'm blogging and putting things I'm going to do out there for you all to read and see, I'm feeling very accountable. So in honor of my maintenance week where I've been doing all things sweeping, purging the unwanted, unreusable, and sprucing up, here is my list of:

13 Things I've Done on My Maintenance Week

1. Washed walls
2. Painted the dayhome playroom.
3. Threw out at least a dozen cut up magazines that are no longer cutable
4. Threw out no longer usable dress up clothes (translation: seeing sewing gives me hives and the shakes so the need to get rid of them is imperative)
5. Cleaned off my dresser and discovered some really nice oak underneath. Who knew?
6. Purged my arts and crafts supplies. I can only use so many empty rolls of toilet paper and foam peanuts in a year.
7. Barbies whose heads no longer wanted to stay on their bodies had a date with the garbage man.
8. Packed up and shipped out 3 dresses with "Dynasty" shoulder pads
9. Started putting some pics into photo albums
10. Went swimming with the kids (to maintain my time spent with them)
11. Maintained our health by doing all our doc appointments in one day
12. Maintained my spiritual house with prayer and the Word and listening for the voice of the Lord
13. Maintained my typing skills by continueing to blog and check in on my fave coffee break destinations

Whew, quite a maintenance week. Busy, busy. But I feel I did acomplish what I wanted to in the house cleaning and the heart cleaning (for this week anyway). I guess it's good to be accountable. Helps get things done!

Now a question: Does anyone know why, when publishing, blogger sometimes does not give me my spaces between paragraphs? It looks fine when I'm composing it but in the preview and in publishing gone are the lovely spaces. Am I doing something unknown that is cueing it to do that? How do I fix it? OK, I guess that's 3 questions. But it anyone knows anything please share with me so you don't have to read these crazy run-on paragraphs.


Thanks to Katrina from Callapiddar Days for figuring out my dilemma. I did have to add the little thingy at the beginning and end of each paragraph. So there you are, if you're ever having that problem now we all know how to fix it! Thanks again Katrina, these are for you!


momrn2 said...

Now that's a busy week!!! Sorry I can't help you on your questions!! I'll have to check back and see if anyone has the answer.

sarah said...

Sounds like you've been productive!

When I cam composing in Blogger, I always check both the "compose" and "EditHTML" tabs before publishing. Sometimes things will look right in one tab, but not the other. That's not a very technical response, and might not help you much, but it's all I've got!

Katrina said...

I'm impressed - and worn out just from reading about all you did!

I don't know why Blogger's not giving you spaces, but here's one way that might let you work around it. Go into the Edit HTML tab when you have typed your post, and put < br > (except without the spaces) at the end of your paragraphs - that should insert a break between them. Hope that helps.

Jeana said...

dayhome? Do you have a seperate one for nighttime? :-)

Are you copying and pasting from Word when the paragraph thing happens? Sometimes it doesn't translate properly--and it works better if you use IE. For some reason if I use Firefox when pasting from Word, I get some strange things.

Heather Smith said...

It does sound like you've been busy! Me, I'm trying to get out of vacation mode myself. My brain doesn't want to be at work! LOL! My thirteen are up here!

Dianne said...

Ouch - those Dynasty shoulder pads were something else! Why did we all want to look so square?

I'm exhausted yet challenged reading your list!

DayByDay4-2Day said...

you have been busy.

By the way love the blog art!

Melanie said...

Busy! I loved the whole shoulder pad thing, the huge shoulders made my waste look much smaller! teehee

Shalee said...

My home is free for you to come and work in it when you are done with yours...

I'll even throw in biscuits and gravy and a bottomless cup of coffee in MY mug!

Congrats on getting sooo much done! You rock!

Beck said...

But the Dynasty should pads! C'mon! Those are going to come back into style annnny second now!
That sounded like a lot of work!

Lauren said...

You should be resting, that's more than I get done in a year! And take Shalee up on the biscuits and gravy and bottomless coffee... 'cause if you don't, I'll pretend I did a bunch of work around my house and see if she invites me over.

Islandsparrow said...


You have accomplished a lot!

A nice balance too.

Good for you!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

We have a few headless barbies around here, too. What is up with that? Our dress-up box is desperately in need of a purging, too. You inspire me!