Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Notice the very cute picture of the girl in my sidebar? No that's not me, unfortunately. But if you want to pretend that it is go ahead. Who am I to argue with someone thinking I'm that cute. And young. Anyhoo. Notice the scripture that goes with that sweet young thing? "God will let you laugh again; you'll raise the roof with shouts of joy!"

I love this "Message" version. It really hits home this week as our family has been watching the exciting playoffs for the Stanley Cup. That's hockey for all you that might not be into that. I'm Canadian so we're all raised cutting our teeth on hockey pucks so sometimes I forget that not everyone is into that. Except my beloved hubby. He breaks the mold. He hates hockey. Sports period actually. But anyhoo, that's another post for another time. Sorry for the bunny trail.

We've been watching since the playoffs offs started and the thing that really stood out to me was how these hockey fans shout and sing and wave banners, etc., etc., during the game. They go beserk for their favorite team and it's hard not to get caught up in all the fun of it. In the semi finals in Edmonton (Home of the Oilers. Again for those who don't know) when the guy came out to sing the national anthems when he sang "Oh Canada", he got one line out and the crowd was singing so loud that he quit singing and just held up the mike and let the crowd take the whole anthem. It made the hair stand up on your arms. And I'm such a sucker when it comes to national anthems, I always fight back tears anyway but that time I could not. If you want to watch go here: it's well worth it even if you are south of the border! This is in the top ten downloads on this site by the way.

So what does this have to do with the scripture. It hit me! This is a silly hockey game when you look in the light of eternity! Can you imagine, just imagine what it will be like in heaven as we stand before our King! If hockey fans can get this loud, look out world I'm gonna be singing His praises at the very top of my lungs raising the roof along with all my brothers & sisters in Christ. I'm so excited I'm just gonna let out a "Whooo Hoooo" "Praise God!" right now. It amazes me how our society thinks nothing of doing this at sports events, but look down upon Christians who sing loud, shout out, lift their hands, wave a banner and dare I say break out in a dance unto the Lord at church? All for their God and King who has accomplished so much more than any sports team can even dream up? I am so ready to raise the roof with SHOUTS OF JOY such as the world has never heard for my God. After all He did say if we didn't the rocks would cry out and I for one do not want some silly rocks upstaging me! May it never be!

Oh um. And just as a side note: Go Oilers Go!


Heather Smith said...

I don't follow hockey, but I do like to watch an occasional game (especially one with a lot of fights.) I guess our "thing" in this area is college basketball. I'm a Tarheel fan through and through and a Duke fan better not talk down about my Heels. The thing is that if I can get so excited about a basketball game that means nothing in the long run, how much more excited should I be about Jesus! I think you're right. It's time for some dancing in the aisles of the church and timre for a lot more shouting because we have the joy of Jesus in our hearts!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Very thoughtfully put. You are right - we fall into silence, seriousness and "church-ese" so easily, don't we? I doubt there will be much silence at that final victory parade for the Conqueror over all evil! Thanks for including us in the pre-parade pep rally!

Susanne said...

Heather: I like basketball too but don't follow it too closely.

Katherine: That victory parade will be deafening!

MommaB said...

You know... if I keep on reading and reading your blog, Miss Susanne, I do believe my journey in this spiritual journey will be quinched!! Bless you for putting things so eloquently in perspective!!!