Thursday, June 08, 2006

I've Been Tagged

Shalee has tagged me with this mind churning meme. I actually get to leave her comment section for this one. I'd like to say thanks Shalee for all the times you let me hijack you comments for a meme. By the way go check out her new look. It's awesome. Go ahead. I'll wait. Back? Good. Here we go (although the answers would probably change with my mood):

What is your favorite word? Right now, I think I've been saying "bizarre" alot. As in "That's just bizarre!" "That penalty was just bizarre!" and all day yesterday: "Blogger losing my blog is absolutely bizarre! Are they trying to make me insane?" (Now I asked my kids what word I've been saying alot lately and my son said: "You're grounded!" So there you go!)

What is your least favorite word? It's gotta be "Stupid". I hate that in reference to anything.

What turns you on spiritually, emotionally, creatively?
Spiritually: Awesome worship that draws people in to the presence of God. Nothing gives me a bigger boost spiritually than worshipping my God. See here.

Emotionally: Having family and friends cheer me on and encourage me in something even if I'm unsure or they totally don't relate. Example: Blogging, hello.

Creatively: Right now, Blogging. I'm loving writing. Who knew. I don't remember liking writing in school. And cooking.

What turns you off?
Spiritually: People who think they are above you because they have an "official" ministry and you don't.

Emotionally: People trying to manipulate with guilt or twisting of words. Really sends me for a loop because it throws me into so many emotions I can't think straight.

Creatively: Something taking me hours to figure out on the computer. I usually give up till one of my teens get home and hopefully they can walk me thru it.

What is your favorite curse word? Heavens to murgatroid!

What sound or noises do you love to hear? Water running. Not as in a running toilet or tap dripping but fountains, streams, even a sprinkler in the summer. And babies doing a belly laugh.

What noise do you hate? Someone revving a vehicle over and overoutside the house late at night, some of the screaming that is passed off as singing nowadays, and a biggie: the sound of one finger nail scrapping underneath another fingernail as in to be cleaned. Eeww!

What profession other than your own would you like to try? I'd love to try something such as an editor, gift giver outer with Operation Christmas Child

What profession would you not like to do? Miner, Septic tank cleaner

If heaven exists what would you like to hear God say? Well seeing it does exist, I can hardly wait to hear my Father say: Welcome Home! Come on in. All your friends and family are here too! Oh and go ahead and raise the roof!" (See here again in case you didn't above).

Whoo! Now that my head is sore from thinking I'm going to tag Katherine from Raising Five, & MommaB from Oodles of blessings. These are both new bloggers so if you have a chance scoot on over and get to know them.

*Footnote: If you missed yesterdays post because of certain sites losing certain persons whole blogs and said certain person spending the whole day trying to figure it out, go grab another coffee and scroll on down.


Katherine@Raising Five said...

I love baby belly-laughs too! I can see I'm going to have to work on this one. Looks like fun!

Addie said...

Heavens to murgatroid, that was fun! :-) I enjoyed it!

MommaB said...

Welcome Katherine and THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Susanne... oh what hard thinkin' fun I had! Whew! I appreciate the recommendation and hope I do you proud!

Susanne said...

mommab: I'm sure you will do great and am looking forward to reading it

Katherine: looking forward to reading yours too.

Addie: heavens to murgatroid it was great that you came for a visit

Shalee said...

I tried and tried to post yesterday, but blogger won... this time. I love the post! I really liked your dream profession too. That would just be fun.