Thursday, November 09, 2023

I Can Only Imagine by Bart Millard ~ Audiobook Review

When it came out, I had watched the movie I Can Only Imagine because I loved the song, but knowing how a movie can never have in it the details a book written in the author's voice has and that to make a movie some things must be added, enhanced or decreased in order to keep a viewing audience interested I wanted to actually read the memoir book that has since come out.  When I saw the library had it on audio through their app, I jumped on it.  

Bart Millard wrote the song I Can Only Imagine and never could he imagine the song would not only go on to become the bestselling single in the history of Christian music but that it would cross over into secular radio stations and touch millions of more people.  It was written out of the deep pain of his life having an abusive, alcoholic father who was transformed when God touched his life.   Bart's hard childhood that was made harder when his Mother left the family is told in heartbreaking detail but so is the beautiful story of redemption and restoration of a broken family.  We are taken into the pain and uncertainty of his childhood raised by an alcoholic father who trying to drown his own pain, to how he became involved in singing and how the multi platinum selling band Mercy Me was formed and came to success after many fails.  It is a gripping story that had me in tears, both happy and sad,  in many parts.  Glad I read the book as it does give so much more detail than the movie was able to.  And because Bart narrated it himself it really brings out the true emotion in the telling of the story.

Rating:  10/10

Reading Challenge 2023 Goal Met:  As many audiobooks as I can manage


Barbara H. said...

I loved the movie. I'll have to look this one up.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Susanne. I LOVE that song! I haven't seen the movie and didn't know there was a memoir. I will have to get it and read it. I cannot listen to that song without tearing up. It is so beautiful and touching. Thanks for this review. See you again soon for FFF!

Faith said...

I've been looking for the book!!! Thanks for this great review. That song has touched MILLIONS of people. And it continues to be the top selling song!