Friday, February 24, 2023

Friday's Fave Five #722

Welcome to another frosty Friday's Fave Five.  I don't know about where you are but here in Southern Alberta we have had a winter storm this week that dumped a bunch of snow and has us sitting in the deep freeze again.  Brrrr.  But still much to be thankful for.  Join us as we look for the blessings from the last week that God has brought into our lives.  

~ safe travels ~ my adult kids took a little sibling trip to Cuba and I'm always thankful that they send me messages to let me know they have arrived safe, both going and coming home.  And I'm especially thankful for safe travels because my oldest daughter had the added stress of having to drive another 7 hours to get back home from the airport.  The day after the winter storm hit.  She had no falling snow to contend with but it was bitter cold which is always a concern, and the chance of icy roads is always a worry.  But they are all safe and sound in their respective cities, albiet experiencing weather shock to be sure.  LOL.  

~ pictures ~ it's such a blessing to me that even though they are all adults, they thought to send me pictures while on their holiday.  It's such a little thing but I looked forward to receiving the little glimpses into their holiday, especially as we contended with the cold and snow.  I'll admit to being a wee bit jealous.

~ baby giggles ~ my littlest one in dayhome has only been with me since the beginning of the year but she's just been fitting in so nice.  Her personality is starting to shine through and she is such a happy little girl who giggles and smiles alot.  I'm loving every minute of it.

~ long weekend ~ Monday was a holiday here in Alberta and I'm so grateful for that extra day off.  I slept in a bit, read, lingered over coffee, cleaned my house and got a few chores done.  

~ nice conversation with my oldest daughter ~ her birthday was on Tuesday but they were still in Cuba so I finally got to wish her a happy birthday last night.  It so nice to hear her voice and talk with her about her trip.  I really miss her.  She lives a province away.  Very thankful for phones and face time and all the modern conveniences that connect us to loved ones.

What were your favorite blessing from your week?


Susan said...

I just posted on my blog. Great that your kids had a nice vacation. I look forward to another cruise in the future. I would like to be in warm waters. My last two cruises were in Alaksa and New England. Happy Friday!

Schotzy said...

I enjoyed my visit this morning. I can’t imagine how frigid your winter has been. Here in the mid Atlantic, the spring flowers are blooming and it was almost 80 yesterday. We have not had any winter! Very strange! Try to stay cosy and warm! Schotzy

Faith said...

CUBA??!! ok what in the world made them decide to visit cuba?? besides warmth. That's not a destination most people i know who want to go south choose. As for me, I would have chosen the Virgin Islands! hahaha

But seriously, glad they made it to and from ok and that your daughter was able to drive back to her apt with no issues from your storm. And yes, being able to connect via technology is such a blessing.

I love a happy baby and glad your new addition to the daycare is a happy girl. there's nothing like a baby's giggles.

ENJOY your weekend, Susanne.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Susanne. It is so nice that your children went on a trip together. Cuba would certainly be a very interesting place to visit. So glad they could go, send you pictures and then get home safely. Last weekend was a long weekend here as well, and that is always nice. So glad you new little day home child is working out so well. She sounds like a cutie! I hope you have a good weekend. See you again soon!

Barbara Harper said...

It's so nice when our kids send photos and texts while they are away. It's lovely to hear from them and get a glimpse of what they are experiencing. I'm thankful they all got home safely.

How great to have a long weekend! Monday was President's Day here, but only the government, bankers, and mail personnel seem to have that day off.

We're the opposite with weather with a warm spell. I even had to turn AC on yesterday. Hope your winter freeze warms up soon.

Wendy said...

I definitely love the way it is so easy to stay connected to our families. Brrr I bet they felt cold arriving back home after Cuba lol. Have a good weekend Susanne.

Melanie said...

Wow! What an amazing trip to Cuba! I'm glad that they all had a great time and returned safely. Our weather here in Tennessee has been lovely but we're about to get another cold patch. No snow though, of which I'm thankful. I love those long talks with my daughter as well. Now, that she's teaching me how to knit, that monopolized our conversation. She's as enthused over all this as I am.
Have a lovely weekend.

ellen b. said...

What a sweet blessing it is that adult children like each other, look out for each other and phone home! Glad you could catch up with your daughter. Sounds like a sweet addition to your daycare. is freezing! Have a nice weekend.

Willow said...

Those texts and phone calls from our adult kids saying that they are safe will always be faves.
And it's so good to know that the siblings enjoy each other's company.
Stay warm! I hope the snow doesn't hit you like it has the Pacific North West. (my brother is being slammed with it).
Happy Weekend!

Billie Jo said...

Hello! It is wonderful when our grown children are still so close to us! And I always wanted to have a daycare. I taught preschool so many years ago and then had my own littles. I miss that age. Have a cozy weekend, and stay warm!

nikkipolani said...

I think we got our late winter storm from you Canadians (unusual for us). I cannot imagine driving 7 hours after traveling so far. So glad all your kids are safe! And that you were still connected though distant physically.

Ah, the long weekends for a bit of a break. Wonderful.

Karen said...

That's so cool that your kids took a trip together! You and your husband have created such a beautiful family that continues to bond with each other and consider one another friends.

I've been missing having little babies to cuddle. What a pleasure to have that little one in your dayhome.

Hena Tayeb said...

So nice your kids went on vacation with each other.