Friday, September 23, 2022

Friday's Fave Five #700

Did I just really type the number 700?  How could that be?  700 posts of looking for blessings in my life.  700 weeks of being grateful and thankful out loud to God for every one of them over the years here in this little space of the internet that I occupy!  I am having trouble finding the words.  I am so humbled that I have been able to be on this journey of encouraging you all to look for blessings in the good days and the bad, to look for the big exciting ones and also the smaller almost hidden ones in our everyday lives, of encouraging you to be grateful in your hearts and open and loud in your thanking God, the One who gives all good things.  And all you who join in...  You are a huge blessing in my life.  Your FFF posts have been encouraging and insightful and have shown me all the wonderful ways a person may be blessed, things I hadn't even thought of.  Thank you for being here with me in all of this!

And we won't let this week go by without continuing on!

~ neighborly play time ~  for this month I've only got one little friend in my childcare.  And that can be really hard.  But my wonderful neighbor who also has a childcare has been joining us at the playground with her group or else inviting us over to play with them in the yard.  It's so nice, little friend gets kids to play with and I get some adult company.  I'm really grateful for her kindness in having us over.

~ late start days ~ with only the one little friend here this month about 3 days of the week he comes a bit later in the morning.  So I get a few days of grabbing an extra hour of sleep.  And when you are not an early morning person as I am that is a huge blessing!  I don't have to hit the floor running but can take my time waking up which makes for a way better start to my day.

~ ice cream flavor of the month ~  It's been fun the past while trying the monthly changing flavors at local handmade ice cream shop.  They have their standard flavors always available but every month they have 2 flavors only available that month.  For September the one I chose to try was a potato chip and chocolate creation.  Sounds different but it was delicious.  

~ good physiotherapy session ~ I've been seeing a physio for a few months because of an issue with my left tricep.  This last appt was encouraging as I had a bit of a setback at the session last month but we stepped things back a bit and now I'm back on track.  I was allowed 6 sessions but he has given me an extra one because of the setback.  So thankful for his kindness.

~ no covid ~  I was a direct contact with a person who came down with covid last week and thankfully I remained negative and had not one symptom.  Very thankful for that.

What were the blessings in your life this week?


ellen b. said...

Good morning from Woodstock England and congratulations on #700! Cheers!

Gattina said...

That's nice on one side that you only have one little one, on the financial side not so nice I imagine. How kind of your neighbor to ask you to join her.
I have an appointment for my 4th Covid shot, it was suggested for the over 70th and as I am approaching the 80 (can't believe it, inside I am still 20, or as my DIL said, "childish". Better childish then bitter !

Faith said...

The quote at the end is perfect!

YAY for getting to sleep in a couple mornings a week. I'm jealous!! :)

LOVE trying new flavors of ice sure how I feel about a potato chip flavor but i'm guessing my oldest girl would love it.

That's so kind of your neighbor to invite you and the little one over to play, etc. I have 12 students each day. Yesterday 4 were out. H and I looked at each other (the other teacher in the room) and said "we feel like we're on vacation". hahahah

Dave and I were also exposed to Covid last week and thankfully no symptoms or positive test. GLad your negative as well!!

There's nothing like a good PT or Chiropractic session to help our bodies feel good and strong again. Glad yours is working out.


Barbara Harper said...

Wow, 700 FFF posts! I think I've been here for most of them. Well, I've read all of them but I may have missed participating a few times early on. Thanks so much for starting this group. I've been blessed by the weekly pause to intentionally look for blessings of the week, large or small.

How nice to have a few late start days. I imagine it's hard financially to just have one child this month, but glad it eases other things. It's nice your neighbor has the same business and is willing to join forces some days.

I'm glad your physiotherapy sessions are going well and you didn't catch Covid. Interesting ice cream flavor! I've had chocolate covered potato chips, and they were addictingly delicious.

Deb said...

Hi Susanne. So glad you have found a good Physio to help you and that you are making progress. Sounds like you have a nice neighbor and friend next door. It's always nice to have a lighter week at work. Glad yours has been good. It's also good that you didn't get Covid. We have somehow avoided it too, and got our fall booster a couple of weeks ago. I hope you have a good weekend. See you again soon!

Deb said...

One more thing - congratulations on 700 wonderful posts looking back on the good in the week. Thank you for hosting this gratitude link up for so long. :-)

Melanie said...

I'm not really a morning person either. I'm up fairly early but very slow moving. I'm glad you had a bit of extra sleep this week. It's great that your neighbor and you were able to have a play date with your little ones. I can't imagine trying to keep a child entertained all day by myself!

The potato chip and chocolate combo sounds interesting. Sort of the mixture of sweet and salty.

700 posts! What a wonderful habit you began, and we all get to share it with you! Thank you.

Karen said...

Congratulations on 700 posts! And thank you! I imagine Friday comes along very fast some weeks, and I appreciate that you're always here to lead the way:)

Glad your physio is going well. I'm trying to imagine that ice cream flavor! I imagine bits of potato chips, but they would probably be soggy. But, sweet and salty sounds really good.

It sounds nice for you to have a neighbor to connect with with your dayhome. With just one child, I imagine the days go more slowly. But, also not so frantic!

Willow said...

700??? Wow! Thank you for your faithfulness in leading us. It really helps me keep on track for gratitude.
It's lovely to have a neighbor who understand your job and offers to join together some days.
Enjoy a wonderful weekend!

nikkipolani said...

700 FFFs!! What an amazing milestone! That's more than 13 years. Thank you thank you for hosting such a joyful theme. It is so encouraging all around, isn't it? To God be the glory.

Glad you have had good success with those PT sessions and hope for healing.

Wendy said...

Wow what a fantastic achievement!