Friday, June 04, 2021

Friday's Fave Five #366

Hi everyone!  Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  We're here again encouraging one another in looking for the good things in our lives whether they are easy or not to find, whether they are obvious or whether we have to more intentional search them out or remember them.  Please join us.  

~sunshine and warmth ~ well after a week of rain and grey skies we have been slammed into a heat wave.  And while I realize that the term is quite relative and that these temperatures are actually cooling off for some of you, 34*C  (93.2*F) which we hit today, is our August type of weather.  And not often do we actually hit 34* even then!  We've actually had to turn the air conditioner on already which is unusual for this time.  

~ hibiscus ~ even though we start melting in this kind of heat my hibiscus has soaked it in and is looking gorgeous!  I've never grown hibiscus before.  We are not actually zoned for it and I've had to bring the pot in on those nights that dip below 10*C (50*F) but they can be grown here as a seasonal plant outdoors and then brought in for the winter or just let die out in the fall.  Now they are super expensive around these parts and this was gifted to me or I never would have bought it for myself.  I'll try and help it survive over the winter indoors but around here it really is survival of the fittest when it comes to plant life.  However they sure are making me happy right now.

~ evening walks ~ since this whole covid thing shut my gym down permanently I have struggled to keep up with any fitness routine.  While I was also shut down for 3 months I would go on long daily walks with my hubby, but when I got back to work the long hours made longer with extra cleaning and the daily stress just saw me slipping out of my usual routines.  But since we have a new dog with a puppy's great surplus of energy, I've decided that I was going to try and walk every evening with him so he could burn some of that off before bed.  Though some nights it's been hard, once I'm out the door, it has become an enjoyable part of the evening.  

~ crisp cotton scented linen sprays ~  I use it on the mattress pad between changes, the couch, the spot on the rug where the dog likes to sit.  Anywhere that needs a little freshening.  It's not an over powering scent like some of the other ones can be and just makes things fresh.

~ new bicycle seat ~  I've been looking for a new gel seat cover since last summer but have not been able to find one anywhere.  Apparently there is a bike parts shortage.  So I bit the bullet and bought a new gel seat.  So far so good.  They said I could return it if after using it a week I didn't like it.  But I think it will do especially seeing that the seat itself actually contains gel.  And this one I chose also has a spring system in it.  Now if all that doesn't make for a more comfortable ride I am out of luck.

What have been your favorite blessings this week?


Gattina said...

We had and have exactly the same weathr as you !It's hot ! A dog is good he has to be walked every day that's why during the lockdown so many people adopted a dog ! My Hibiscus flower was in full bloom yesterday, it's a pity that it doesn't last longer. Mine is red !

Faith said...

I have a gel seat for my bike and love it! Let me know how you do!!

That hibiscus is so pretty!!! Love the bright color.

Yay for getting out and walking. Does a body and soul good!!

We are having a lot of rain on and off this week and supposedly our temps are going high this weekend. I'm ok with it as long as hubby agrees to put on the central air!!

Fresh cotton scents are refreshing!!

Happy weekend Susanne!

Barbara Harper said...

93 degrees! Wow, that's hot even for TN. We've hit the 80s so far this spring, but don't usually get into the 90s til later in the summer.

We had a dark pink hibiscus once. It was neat because it was so different from our usual flowers. Unfortunately I didn't look into its care instructions and didn't know it couldn't take our winters, so it died off. I hope you can keep yours going! And if not, it's enjoyable while it's here.

I've heard of gel cushions--I didn't know they made gel seats. Hope this one makes your bike riding more comfortable.

Deb said...

Hello Susanne. That Hibiscus is beautiful. What a thoughtful gift. I hope it continues to thrive. As you well know, I love my daily walks. Walking can really make a positive difference in our lives. That linen spray sounds lovely. I love a fresh delicious scent like that. I hope your new bicycle seat continues to work well for you. It's warm here too - in fact it is way hot for this time of year. We are having August temperatures too and we are expected to get up to 100 today, and we are badly in need of rain. Hope your weekend goes well. See you again soon.

Lisa K Thomasson Jung said...

I love online grocery shopping and pick up. Even though stores are back to normal I am still using it. Looks like you are having weather like us-we are in the high 80's and 90's now but later this Summer we will hit 100. Hard on plants and people. So glad I found your blog. Have a blessed week. Lisa

Wendy said...

Wow that's hot! Glad you're enjoying the walks with your puppy and hope the new bike seat helps make your ride more comfortable. Have a good weekend.

Willow said...

It is supposed to get about that hot here this weekend (thanks for sharing-LOL)
Your hibiscus is looking beautiful. I hope you can keep it going in the winter.
We have always loved our evening walks. Since moving, we have had to work hard on finding our new walking groove.
I may be a tiny bit envious of your bike seat...
Have a great week!

Karen said...

I love the quote! The hibiscus is beautiful. We must live in the same zone for plants, because it would be considered an annual outside here, too. I was gifted a calla lily this spring, and in the fall I'll need to dig up the bulbs and store them, or bring the plant inside. I wish I had better light indoors, I would love to overwinter it. Or try!

I should look into that linen spray, especially for where our dog sleeps, that would be great. Good for you for finding a walking routine. It's getting hot here as well, so evenings or early mornings are best.

It's surprising what is hard to come by these days. I guess it's the materials that are used. We ordered a sofa in February, and just yesterday they called with the news that it's in! This will be on my FFF list for next week;)

ellen b. said...

We had some real hot days this past week but have cooled way down today. This next week we'll warm up to more average temps. Your evening walks sound nice.