Friday, May 07, 2021

Friday's Fave Five #632

I'm baaaack!  LOL. Nice to be back with this great community of people looking for the blessings in our lives.  This last week has not been the easiet but I am so glad I have this space to look beyond the hard and inconvenient, the disappointing and the maddening.  To look for those things, those moments, those encouragements that God blesses us with if only we'd take a pause and notice them.  Thanks for your faithfulness in still posting last week even though I couldn't.  And now to look for this week's blessings.

~ Mom's all moved in~ last Thursday we moved my mom into a supportive living facility.  It was a hard:  emotionally and physically.  But the relief I feel knowing she is somewhere safe and being looked after is huge.  

~ laughter that only a pet can bring ~ The new pup is fitting in nicely.  He is daily getting more comfortable with us and less skittish. Him and the cat don't just tolerate each other but actually play together and the cat hangs around inside more.  But I think Tux might just be pushing his luck a bit with this one.  Nothing like moving right into someone else's domain.

Daily progression of a takeover

~ blessing of a helping hand & meals ~ Our son had come to town to help move his Grandmother and while here he cooked us a few wonderful meals.  He made incredible fish tacos one night and a Thai Chicken another.  I love that he likes to eat well and cook for himself.  And I'm thankful that he shared his skills with us!  Aaaand no pictures because we ate it all before I even thought to take a picture.

~ vaccine ~ the vaccine rollout in Alberta has finally picked up the pace and I was able to get my first shot of Pfizer yesterday. Hopefully the 2nd shot won't be far behind. It can't come soon enough.  Alberta has gone under strict restrictions yet again as another wave has just slammed us.   I can't wait for this all to get to some type of normalcy without all the yanking back and forth of restrictions and hopefully with enough people getting vaccinated we'll be on our way.

~ice cold sparkling water ~ hits the spot when I'm really thirsty or it's a hot day. Bonus:  no sugar or sugar substitutes.   My latest favorite is cream soda.  

What blessings are you grateful for this week?

And a Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms!  May you have a wonderful day being spoiled and doing something you love!


Gattina said...

We are sitting in the same boat only here they will start slowly to stop the lockdown. From tomorrow on you are allowed to sit on a terrace and eat, but not inside the restaurant. The hairdressers are open and I will get my first Pfizer vaccin next week and then in June. Apparently there has to be one month between the two shots.
It's such a boring life, tomorrow I go out with a friend with or without rain to eat or drink outside !!!

Faith said...

I'm so thankful you got your mother all moved in to someplace safe and that your son could help and cook yummy food!! We LOVE Thai food and that's what Dave is getting me for Mother's Day on Sunday!! We have a new Thai place in town so we are ordering out to eat on the deck!!

Your new puppy is adorable!!

I love sparkling water. My obsession is the lemon from Pellegrino!

Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend doing the things you love: biking? Reading? Coffee??

Barbara Harper said...

That is so funny about the dog on the cat furniture! Looks like he likes the view.

I'm thankful your mom is safely moved in and your son was able to help and even prepare some great meals. I've been so surprised and happy that my sons really took to cooking once they moved out on their own. Now when we're all together, I get to benefit from their skills. They make some things I would never have thought of.

I'm glad the vaccine is available there now. Wow, that's hard that another wave has hit. I'm a little afraid of that here. We have some people who have never taken all this seriously in the first place, and now they are loosening some restrictions a little too soon, in my opinion. I hope that won't make for another increase in cases. This stuff can't go away fast enough.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Susanne ~ so glad to hear that your mom is all moved now and that your son was able to come and help out. He sounds like a really good cook! How great is that! That's great that you got your vaccine. It is such a relief to get vaccinated and feel like you can get your life back. I love the pictures of your puppy! Have a good weekend.

ellen b. said...

Happy to read that your mom is all moved in to a safer place for her and your have peace of mind about it. Woohoo for sons who cook. Double bonus when they cook for us. Fun. Happy Mother's Day weekend to you!

Willow said...

Isn't it great to have kids who like to cook and are good cooks, too? Yum!
I've been loving those photos of Tux "making himself at home".
I do understand the relief and appreciation knowing that your parents are being well cared for. SO glad your mom is getting the care she needs.
Happy Mother's Day to you!

Wendy said...

I'm glad your Mum is settled. I'm sure it has been very emotional but hopefully she will be happy where she is and you can breathe easier knowing she is being cared for. Your pup is tooooo cute. I'm surprised the cat lets him get away with stealing his perch lol. Have a great weekend and hopefully get some relaxation time.

Karen said...

What a relief to have your mom all settled in. It must help you sleep at night to know she's in a safe place. I love that your son came to town to help and to take care of YOU by cooking. You raised a good one! Tux is so cute, and I love how he takes over the cat's bench, haha! I didn't realize he is so tiny until seeing him up there.