Monday, January 04, 2021

All I Have to Give by Melody Carlson ~ Book Review

Anna and Michael have been trying unsuccessfully for years to have a child. Therefore Anna is torn when Michael asks to have the nursery remodeled into an office for his new business. It means Michael is ready to move on and she is not sure she is. As she begrudgingly agrees, she starts to experience symptoms that are too close to the symptoms her mother had when she a terminal illness and died. With the thought that this may be their last Christmas, Anna puts off going to the doctor until after the holidays, deciding instead to put all her thoughts and effort into making this the best Christmas ever for Michael. But Michael is starting to draw away as he puts more and more effort into building his business. Can this turn out to be the memorable Christmas Anna hopes for before their world comes crashing down? 

 This was a short, easy Christmas read with themes of love and self-sacrifice. I found some of the decisions the main characters made annoying and questionable and the story was quite predictable. I guessed what was going to happen quite early. The story just didn't have Melody Carlson's usual depth and character development. Though not horrible it was just an average read for me.

Gave it a 6/10


Abhishek said...

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Barbara Harper said...

That's too bad. Sounds like a TV Christmas movie.

Faith said...

doesn't sound like one i'd like although Barbara took the words outta my mouth. Sounds like wicked sappy Hallmark or Netflix Xmas flick. hahahha..i don't. tend to gravitate towards this author's books.

Susanne said...

Faith: I have read some really good ones from her quite a few years back like “Finding Alice” “ Armando’s Treasure”, “Crystal Lies”. And “These Boots Weren’t Made for Walking” made me laugh out loud. But I haven’t read her in a lot of years. In reading other reviews they said it was a re-telling of the Gift of the Magi but I’ve never read that so have no idea about that.