Friday, December 04, 2020

Friday's Fave Five #612

Hi everyone.  Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  I missed last week but am glad to be back to take note of the blessings in my life.  Though the last couple of weeks have been emotional and difficult, there are so many good touches from God throughout and if I don't pause and take note I might let the difficult win the upper hand.  So here I am, happy about intentionally looking for the gifts in my everyday life.  Please join me. 

~ caring nurses ~ with Mom in the hospital I am so thankful for those nurses who are caring and kind. Their jobs are not easy right now.  They are stressed and run off their feet.  Our local hospital is almost at capacity right now with all sorts of restrictions.  Yet for the most part they have all been kind and gracious, answering our questions.

~ incredible weather ~ this week has seen incredibly warm weather in our city.  Today it reached 15*C (59*F)!  And no wind!  That is crazy warm for December!  I had my light fall jacket on outside with the kids today.  We've had lots of outside time soaking it all up.  January and February are predicting horribly cold and snowy so I'm very thankful for this opportunity to soak in the warmth.

~ little library finds ~ I love checking out the Little Free Libraries in my area, and there are quite a few!  In the last "tour" of my favorites I found quite a few books that are on my to read list.  All for free.  And then I always leave some books I no longer want hoping it will be well read by someone else.  

~ caring friends ~ after a huge inner struggle, I had to make the decision to step down from leading my church small group, at least for the time being.  It was one of the hardest decisions ever.  But these wonderful ladies that I call friends are still a huge blessing.  Just this week, one of them arranged a zoom meeting just so they could touch base and we could pray together for my mom.  That more to me than they can imagine. 

~christmas lights ~  they are starting to turn up around the city.  I just love looking at them and they bring back such fun memories as a kid.  Back then most people had a string on their homes and most were simple but most houses were lit.  Now they seem fewer and farther between every year but a lot of people that do have them really go over the top.  I think I prefer more houses decorated in a simpler way.  What do you like?

What are your favorite blessings from the past week?


Gattina said...

That's almost the same here ! Warm weather very unusual, I could even sit on the balcony. Our town too has decorated the streets and put up Christmas trees. Good friends are very precious ! Being a nurse in these times is indeed very difficult ! I hope your mum will get better soon !

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I will keep your mum in my prayers. I prefer more houses lit in a simpler way. We have a lot of lights this year as well. I think it is because of a combination of more people are either working from home or are just home more and that the weather has been so beautiful. It’s not nearly as much fun to hang lights in the freezing cold. We have a little free library at my school on the campus but I think the north shore of Boston may be too far for you to travel.

Faith said...

less is more when it comes to lights on houses. I totally DISLIKE and actually think it looks so low class, those big huge blow ups. SO TACKY!!!! Yes even the nativity ones. hahah....
around here some people go overboard (not so much in our neighborhood although we do see those tacky blow ups). I prefer a candle in each window and lights wrapped around our front porch post. I also have a small fake tree with blue lights wrapped around it in the porch corner. That's it for us!

Love that you have found caring nurses and good friends to pray with and care for you and your mom! I understand the letting go of leading...i took a year Sabbatical from leading/teaching a small group and this year due to Covid concerns i decided with dave's agreement to just have 4 friends over for a Book Club. It's been wonderfully free-ing!

I hope you have a totally relaxing weekend. I see your're reading the Engineer's Wife! I ALMOST checked that out of the library yesterday but instead grabbed The Black Swan of Paris. Both look fantastic.


Barbara Harper said...

I'm so thankful your mom has had caring nurses. Our hospitals here are almost at capacity, too, due to COVID. I hope and pray your mom improves as soon as possible. I'm so sorry about having to step down from leading the small group. I know that was a special ministry to you. That was so sweet and kind of your group to meet via Zoom to pray for your mom. I'm glad the weather has been warm and you've been able to take the kids for lots of outdoor time. Hooray for free books!

Deb said...

Hi Susanne. You and your mom will be in my prayers today. I agree with you. I like simple Christmas decorations. I put lights up in our two front windows and that is going to be it for outside decorations this year, except the lights that are put up in our community. I completely agree with you about nurses. They are stressed to the max right now, but they are total heroes. Take care and have a good weekend.

Karen said...

I think I prefer more homes decorated even if it's done simply. Our street is done that way, particularly the homes near us, and it is so festive.

I think we all appreciate nurses and medical staff, and then when we have an experience like you have with your mom, their halos truly shine bright. Most of them are in it for the ministry. I'm glad you had a good experience with your mom. Hope you are doing well. Support from girlfriends is a blessing for sure.

nikkipolani said...

I'm glad you are back and have good report of the care your dear mom is receiving. It's a hard part of the journey and praying that God will provide.

My pile of books to read means I don't peek into the Little Free Libraries but they're so full of possibilities, aren't they? How nice that you found some to your liking.

With the busyness of ...everything... we haven't managed our Christmas lights yet. And this year, we're going for simple again - just a string along the eaves.

Willow said...

I too prefer the simple lights for Christmas.
I'm glad your mom is doing 'okay' now and has good and faithful nurses to care for her. It's tough right now to be a medical person.
Aren't zoom meetings wonderful for these times? I did a virtual mtg with some 'best buddies' this morning!
Have a good weekend!

Wendy said...

I've not been around much the last couple of weeks so I've just done a quick recap of your posts. Sorry to hear you've had a tough few weeks and that your Mum is still in hospital. Glad you can still find some good things though.

ellen b. said...

My Dear would love a 59 degree day to get some more work done on his shop. It's only been above freezing for a couple hours a day here. I'm praying for you and your mom as I type. Glad you have an understanding group of ladies who support you in the tough decisions you have to make. Hope you have a peaceful weekend.