Friday, September 25, 2020

Friday's Fave Five #603

Hi everyone, welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  It's been a heck of a work week for me, absolutely draining.  I'm exhausted mentally and emotionally.  I'm so thankful it's Friday and can't wait for the weekend. I was actually going to beg off of doing a post just because my mind is having trouble putting 2 sentences together but I realized this is the perfect time that being intentional and spending all these years developing this habit should come into play.  There were so many blessings even though it was a hard work week, I don't want to let the rough stuff take top spot in my mind.  I want the blessings and thankfulness to come to the  forefront and make note that God is still there in the midst of it all and that He got me thru the week.  So on that note here we go.  Please join in with me and the rest of the amazing group of bloggers who are so faithful to come by every week.  

~coffee~ I do love me a good cup of coffee but this week that hit of flavor combined with caffeine has seen me thru some tired afternoons.   I thank God for whoever came up with the idea to take that bean and set fire to it,  then smash it and run hot water over it.   

~monk fruit sweetener~ I absolutely hate artificial sweetners and even ones like stevia because I find they taste phony and/or bitter.  But Hubby has been watching some health videos and a lot of them talked about monk fruit sweetner and how it's actually healthy for you as it doesn't cause an insulin response.  So lo and behold I found it at Costco and I actually don't mind it at all.  It actually tastes good and it measures 1:1 with sugar.  So for the odd things I like some sugar in I found something I can use.

~finding hand weights~  pre-COVID I was going to the gym consistently three times a week and was feeling strong and healthy.  During lockdown, the gyms were closed and though I went for long walks almost everyday with Hubby, but I was not getting the strength training that I loved.  But you could not find hand weights anywhere.  Then my gym announced it was closing which made me really sad because I am not a good at home exerciser.  It was the only gym for just women in the city and I have no desire to go to a co-ed gym. Still no weights to be found.  Then last week I was in the grocery store and went down the water bottle aisle looking for kids bottles and lo and behold HAND WEIGHTS!  In the grocery store!  I nabbed the pounds I wanted and have been working to get back to that three times a week goal.  I'm finding I don't mind doing some weight exercises at home and hope I can get back to where I was.  Bummer that you work years to get strong and in three months of lockdown it's out the window.

~Lindt Intense Orange~ Oh my.  I'm not a big chocolate bar fan, there is very few I really like,  but I do love a square of this with a cup of tea in the evening.  

~encouraging leadership~ As a leader of a small group in my church I am thankful for the encouraging leadership that the couple in charge of small groups are to us.  Always available to talk or bounce concerns or ideas off of, they are passionate about small groups and supporting those who lead them.  

Well I'm ready for this Friday work day to wrap up and then I am getting on comfy clothes all weekend and doing lots of stuff that build me up and relax me.  What about you?

What were your favorite blessings of the week?


aspiritofsimplicity said...

I’m sorry you had a rough work week. I work with children (toddlers) also and my work week was a bit rough as well. I think we tend to forget that all of this COVID stuff is hard on them as well. All the extra precautions. I feels as if we wash our hands every five minutes! And coffee....yes.

Gattina said...

I am tired too ! Now that the apartment is finished I have paperwork ti do and also needd coffee ! I love strong coffee out of a Espresso machine. I don't do my aqua gym anymore because it is so complicated, booking and then only 9 people and all this sanitary stuff and the price has raised too, so good bye aqua gym ! Our painting class is still closed ! Geez I wished this Corona circus would be over and tha we return to normal life !

Barbara Harper said...

I'm sorry for the hard work week. I love what you said at the beginning. Some of the weeks that I don't feel like I have anything for FFF are the times it's most beneficial for me to ponder a bit and remember what God has done through the week.

I can't have caffeine due to heart rhythm issues, and I sure do miss that boost mid-afternoon. The first several weeks without it, I felt sleepy all the time. But eventually I got used to it. Still love my decaf, though!

Thanks for the info about monk fruit. I had heard about it but never tried it or looked into it. I've been looking for ways to reduce sugar, so I will look into this.

I would never have expected to find hand weights in the grocery store! So glad you did! I've been thinking I need to pick my strength training back up, too. I ride my exercise bike most mornings, but feel the need of more.

It's so good to have good group leaders to bounce things off of.

Willow said...

I ma glad you didn't beg off. It's good for you and it's good for us to focus on our habit of being thankful.
Grocery store handweights. Well, why not? :) Mine are in some box somewhere waiting to be delivered and unpacked.
Isn't dark chocolate one of the five food groups?

Faith said...

It was a rather rough week here too although the perfect weather more than made up for it.

That is one of my VERY FAVE chocolate bars!!!! I like 4 squares of it with a plant based marshmallow roasted and then put on a graham cracker. An orange s'mores!! It's so very good!! And if you haven't tried vegan marshmallows ( they cook soooo much better than regular ones) i highly recommend them. They're so soft!!!

Yay for good leadership. I love ours too.

And you KNOW i love my coffee. I'm glad I'm not the only pine who doesn't like stevia. And artificial sugarsmdo not go into my body. I haven't had soda since2001!! Because of the nasty sugars.
For coffee i like a dash of maple,syrup or a tsp of honey or a splash of agave. I'll have to try monk fruit.

Enjoy the weekend!!

ellen b. said...

Blogger is not happy with my comments so I'll try again. I'm glad that God brought you through your tough week and you are on the other side of it. Hope you are refreshed this weekend.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Susanne, it was an exhausting week for me as well, so I am super late in posting, but better late than never. I am not a coffee drinker, but I do love that kind of orange chocolate. Hope that next week goes a little easier for both of us. Have a good Sunday.

Karen said...

I'm glad that rough week is behind you. I struggled with posting this week, too, but am glad that I did and am thankful for the habit you've instilled to do so.

My friend just told me about the monk sweetener, so funny to see the photo here. I still like a little sugar in my coffee, so I should try it.

And speaking of coffee, a bite of chocolate to go with it what I call my 'poor woman's mocha.'