Friday, July 26, 2019

Friday's Fave Five #543

Hi everyone.  It's Friday and that, of course, means we take an intentional pause in our week to look back and remember the blessings in our week.  Please join in with us as we share 5 of them.

~protection~  I am so thankful for protection this week.  The circuit board in our dryer caught fire this week and Praise God it stayed in the circuit board and didn't get out and spread anywhere else.  I was sitting outside on the back steps watching the kids play and suddenly smelled this weird smell.  At first I thought something was wrong with hubby's smart car as he had just pulled up in the parking pad in the back.  But then it kind of disappeared, but soon the horrible smell was back again.  It seemed to be coming from under the deck (it is enclosed) which is next to the stairs so I opened the door of the deck and boy, the electrical burning smell that came out of there was strong.  Our dryer vents under there and I was using the dryer so hubby ran downstairs and sure enough the dryer was releasing the smell.  He opened the top and the circuit board was totally fried.  I'm so thankful it was contained to that.  It still smells down there even though all is unplugged.  We made a call to the manufacturer and they will be sending someone to look this weekend.   Hopefully it will be taken care of with no hassle and that includes a true assessment of whether that smell is going to get out of the dryer.  The last think I want is all my clothes ending up smelling like electrical fire.

~biking~ the weather has been so odd this year so far.  Sometimes hot, sometimes windy, sometimes darn cold and/or rainy.  Sunday morning was beautiful!  Warm but not yet hot, no wind.  We decided spur of the moment to take advantage of it and got the bikes out and went for a lovely ride.  We weren't going to be long but it was so gorgeous out there that our little ride turned into an hour and half.  So thankful for the lovely morning and the opportunity to do something together we both love.

~colorful entryway flowers~ with the rain and sunshine my entryway flowers are doing awesome this year.  I just love the color of these gorgeous begonias and I think they make my front steps look so nice.

~supper out~ the past few days at work have been tough.  I won't go into details but these couple of days were mentally exhausting and add to that  2 days where a parent was late and I was done in.  Hubby took notice and kindly told me not to even think of cooking and took me out for dinner last night.  Greek pitas and yummy seasoned fries went down so good and I sure appreciated his thoughtfulness!

~coconut lime mint body lotion~  saw it in a grocery store and on a whim purchased it and so glad I did.  The smell is refreshing and summery and the lotion is pretty good.  Not all my spur of the moment purchases work out so well.

What were your favorite blessings this week?  Have you taken a moment to take notice of them and be grateful?


Gattina said...

How awful ! It could have caught fire ! fortunately you detected it in time ! We are sitting in a terrible heatwave we had 40° yesterday and that without airco ! I melt !

Faith said...

Mmmmm......Greek pitas and fries.....great minds think alike. We've been going out a lot lately and so last night,when i was craving fries i popped beef burgers on the grill for dave and courtney, a bison burger for me and popped,some frozen OreIda ones in the oven for all of us. I added steamed spinach and chopped raw veggies and ate on the deck and it was wonderful! I NEVER buy frozen fires....soooo processed and full of sodium but last night they sure tasted good!!

LOVE your gorgeous begonias. My pink ones died this year,in our hot humid weather. All my other flowers are doing well!

MMMMM i love coconut and lime!! I'm picky about lotions and their scents but that sounds nice.

Oh praise God that fire didn't spread!!!!! Especially as you were working your daycare at the time!!!! God is good!!!

Biking!!! Sounds like a wonderful morning.

Happy weekend!

Barbara Harper said...

Oh my! So glad the fire didn't spread any further. Some years ago a teacher at our church's Christian school tossed her clothes in the dryer at home and then drove to school. She got a call a bit later that her house was on fire. Since then I've never run the dryer while away from the house. So glad you were there to detect the smell in time and that even though it happened while the kids were there, they were safe. If they repair rather than replace it, I hope they can get the smell out.

The bike outing sounds lovely. Those flowers are pretty! My husband almost always consents when I ask if we can get dinner out, but it's so much more pleasing when he notices it's been a rough day and offers.

susan said...

True, not all my spur of the moment purchases wor out either. So glad your lotion purchases was a good one. The smell sounds yummy.

MY, oh, MY! Y'all were indeed blessed. So glad the fire was corralled. I am hoping (and praying) that the dryer issue is resolved quickly.

Hurray for a husband who is observant. Going out to eat at the end of a long day is great medicine.

Have a good week, Susanne

Wendy said...

So glad the dryer didn't cause a major fire. I never run mine when I'm out, just in case. The cycle ride sounded fun and how nice of hubby to take you out when you needed a break from cooking. I hope your weekend is better.

Willow said...

Coconut lime--I'm smiling just thinking of the wonderful odor.
So much better to smell that than a burned electric circuit wire! I am so thankful with you that the fire was contained and didn't spread! (I think this fave wins for the year)
Good hubby to notice how tired you were and take good care of you.
We are looking forward to some biking times. The Professor's back is sufficiently healed that we can start with some short rides.
Have a great weekend!

ellen b. said...

Wowzers! So glad that fire was contained but ugh about the smell. Hope things work out well with the manufacturer.