Friday, January 04, 2019

Friday's Fave Five #515

Happy New Year everyone.  Our first FFF of the year 2019.  As we start off this new year I hope you will continue to join me in cultivating gratefulness.  Being thankful and grateful helps us to be more in the moment and realize a blessing when it comes our way.  It takes us from just noticing the big, obvious blessings to taking note of those smaller, less obvious ones.  As we start to take note of these "smaller" blessings, we notice more of these smaller blessings, and our outlook changes even during those tougher times we all experience.  It is a change of mindset that changes the whole way we approach our days.  It helps us to be more present and joyful in our sometimes very mundane days or our days of being stretched to the max.  And as we notice these blessings we can't help but be grateful as we realize that God truly does want to bring blessing into our lives and to uplift us in times of sorrow and hardship.    Please join in for another year of purposefully looking for good tings and being grateful.

1.  Safe travels for my family.  My family all made it here for Christmas.  I was thankful for their safe travels both here and then back to their homes.  We've had some pretty insane wind storms here this past week so I'm very thankful that their travels were without incident.

2.  Peaceful New Years.  I have never been a huge New Year's Eve partier but this year with the wind and cold I just did not have it in me to do anything.  The kids were going to their respective friends places, so I spent the evening home.  Hubby stayed up as long as he could and then I spent a very peaceful couple of hours by myself reading and watching an astronaut documentary on Netflix.  No regrets.

3.  House back to normal.  I love the whole Christmas decor and usually leave it up until January 1st.  But this year because our furnace gave up the ghost a few days before Christmas, my storage room had to be half unloaded into my craft and playroom.  Then with the kids coming for holidays and all their suitcases and stuff everything just seemed so chaotic and closing in on me.  I couldn't pack back my storage room until yesterday because the furnace installers had to come back after holidays to finish up the job so everything was upturned for over almost 2 weeks.  So I was already starting to pack away things here and there before New Years Day.  One the 1st I only had the tree left and now everything is back to normal including the storage room as they finished up yesterday.  Feels so much better.

4.  Smooth transition back with the kids.  Sometimes an extended time away from childcare can throw little ones off and cause separation anxiety when it comes time to return.  I was happy for them, and me, that for the most part they all handled it well.  Only a few tears with one little guy, but I think that was more because mom stood chatting in the doorway a little too long.   Some early naps and extra hugs cured all.

5.  Soft sweaters.  Right after Christmas I found some great deals on some lovely soft sweaters so I splurged and bought about 3 of them.  As soon as I got home, out went the sweaters that I always complained about being itchy and uncomfortable but wore for years because I was too cheap to get other ones.  Now I wonder why I waited so long.  So much nicer being comfortable in the clothes I wear.  Thankful I was able to get them for a good price.

What were your favorite blessings in the first week of the year 2019?


Gattina said...

I have to admit that I am happy that all thèse festivités are over now and we are back to normal. It's à pitty that you had such bad weather. Spending New Year as you was certainly better then à forces going out !

Faith said...

Yay for the house being back to normal and children adjusting well. Y students all did well too as we started back on Wednesday. Our whole team was surprised at how well they did!

Courtney and i are both allergic to acrylic so those "cheap"(but sometimes pricey!) sweaters don't come into our house. We tend to buy those soft cotton ramie ones on sale too and stock up at the end of season sale. Good for you for splurging! There's nothing yuckier than an itchy shirt or sweater.

I'm thankful for safe travels too and glad your winds are dying down and your kids made it home safely.

I'm keeping the blog! Have decided to cut back on social media ( Facebook and Instagram).

Happy weekend!

Wendy said...

Oh wow that situation with the furnace etc sounds like a nightmare. Glad you got it all fixed and everything back to normal. I hate it when the house gets chaotic. Nice to get a bargain especially when it's something you really want. Happy New Year Susanne and thanks for reminding us to appreciate the little things.

Barbara H. said...

So glad the family was able to come and travels went well despite bad weather. We had a peaceful New Year's, too. Wow, this is not a good time for the furnace to go out. Glad it's repaired and everything is back in it's place and the kids transitioned smoothly. The sweaters sound cozy!

Karen said...

I remember one Christmas when our hot water heater, dryer and car all went kaput. How is it that inanimate things have a sense for the holidays? Your new years eve sounds perfect to me. Happy New Year, Susanne, and thank you for being such a gracious hostess for FFF all these years.

Willow said...

I'm not usually a party-er of any kind and I especially don't like New Year's parties. I think your New Year's Eve sounds perfect!
Those itchy sweaters? I agree. Life is too short to wear uncomfortable sweaters!
Thank you for continuing to lead us and push us to remember to be thankful about the little things, too.

ellen b. said...

Happy New Year!
Woohoo for getting rid of uncomfortable sweaters. Glad you found some comfy ones. It really is a nice transition from Christmas to normal. Always grateful for safe family travels especially at the holidays.

ellen b. said...

Don't know if my comment went through. I'll check back...

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Oh boy am I ready to get my house back to normal. We have my in-laws staying with us till Tomorrow morning and tomorrow night after work I will be putting things back to rights. I love them both very much but I'm ready to do some serious housekeeping.