Friday, June 08, 2018

Friday's Fave Five #485

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  Intentionally looking for the blessings of the past week is what we do.  Cultivating a grateful attitude and life is our goal.  Please join us.  If you are new to FFF, guidelines are linked in the sidebar.  Please read through them and then just join on in.

In no particular order here are 5 of my favorite blessings from the week:

~mama duck and all her littles~  On Sunday, hubby and I took a stroll around the lake.  As we were walking a mama duck and about 10 babies came swimming by.  If was so adorable.  The were all clumped together and turned as one following their mama as she kept them a safe distance from us.  Unfortunately no picture because I didn't take my phone on the walk.  Darn.  I gotta start taking that thing with me, even though I want to unplug and enjoy nature, just so I can get these awesome pictures.

~golden bleeding heart replaced~ Last year, I really wanted a golden bleeding heart bush for my empty space in my shade garden.  I was gifted one, but I think they had it labeled wrong.  Golden bleeding hearts have very light yellowy green leaves on peach colored stems with light pink hearts. That's not what the one I was gifted looked like.   I planted it anyway but it didn't end up growing at all and then winter kill did it in this last winter.  So I headed to the garden store to try and see about replacing it.  They are a rare variety, imported from England, so I didn't have much hope.  But I found me one.  And it was more the color that I knew it should be.  It's planted and growing, so hopefully it will thrive.

~strawberry coconut refresher~ In the summer I have loved the lime refreshers from Starbucks but I don't get them often because of the sugar content.  This year they introduced a strawberry refresher made with coconut milk.  Some stores call it a Pink Drink.  Oh yum.  Still a bunch of sugar but a girl has to treat herself sometime! I have found a new summer favorite!

~visit from Jeremy~ Our son and his girlfriend made it down for a visit this weekend.  I had a really nice time catching up with them and spending some time with just me and his girl getting to know her better.  Anytime my kids make it home is always a favorite.  And in true Jeremy tradition, like the queen flying the flag when she's in residence, Jeremy also let's us know when he is in residence by mixing up my photos in some way.  I never quite know what combination I will get.  This time it was a new one I hadn't seen before.  And what's funny is it always takes me a day or two to notice.  I oughta know better.  Ha.

Jeremy in residence

How it's supposed to look

~my hero, the wasp hole filler~ Some nasty wasps decided they were going to start building a nest under our back door where the cement was starting to deteriorate.  And these weren't little guys, they were huge wasps.  The kind that require pilot's licenses due to size.  I am scared of them to begin with but have learned to somewhat control that fear around the kids.  But when they are holding me hostage at my back door, I call on the Hubby.  He cemented it up in no time and give a couple days when those nasty things get the hint and quite hovering around the door frame, I can again use my back door without being buzzed.  My SuperHero is very much appreciated!

What were your favorite things fro the last week?


Gattina said...

Your pink drink looks very yummy ! It's always nice to have a child on visit ! I always take my camera along just in case !

Karen said...

We're fighting wasps, too. They seem to nest in tiny, secret places, so it's like a scavenger hunt trying to locate the source.

Love garden success stories. The plant sounds lovely, you'll have to share a picture when it gets established.

That is too funny about your son and the pictures! Had a good laugh at that one!

That drink looks so refreshing. I may have to try it.

Have a nice weekend, Susanne.

Barbara H. said...

My husband is my hero bug-killer, too. I hate wasps. Glad yours took up residence elsewhere!

Funny about the rearranged pictures when your son is there! Mama and baby ducks are so cute. I'm glad you found the plant you wanted - I hope it thrives!

Willow said...

My hubby kills ants which we always seem to attract. But they're not nearly as scary as wasps.

Your son sounds like a fun guy. I can imagine the joy he gets from messing with your photos.

Do post a photo of that new flower. And the ducklings if you get over there to the lake to walk again.

Wendy said...

That drink looks good. Always good to have a family visit. Shame about the duckling pic, maybe next time? Urgh I hate wasps but I try not to panic around them. Glad you got them away from your door. Have a good weekend.

Ann said...

A Starbucks just opened in the grocery store I use, and I've got a couple of gift cards. I'll have to try that strawberry drink - looks great!!

betty-NZ said...

Jeremy sounds like a lot of fun!

ellen b. said...

Oh, those pesky wasps! That's funny about Jeremy changing things up and you taking a while to notice. Hope you have a good week.

nikkipolani said...

That drink looks fantastic. I want to find a way to make a not-so-sweet version :-) Someone's got a version with strawberry infused sparkling water, freeze dried strawberries, and coconut milk. You can add sweetener to your taste (or skip altogether).

How nice to have a multi-talented husband. Well done, Mr. Living To Tell The Story/SuperHero!

You had me looking up golden bleeding heart just to see what the leaves look like. And wow, is it a looker! Reminds me a little of Japanese maples in the way the leaves spread. Hope yours does well!