Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday's Fave Five #481

Hi, welcome.  It's Friday and that means it's time to take a pause and look back over the week taking note of some of the good things, those blessings big and small, that may otherwise go unnoticed.  And then take a moment to be grateful.  Please join us.

So in no particular order these were some of the blessings in my life this week:

~no new brakes needed~  Hubby took his car into the mechanic thinking he might need new brakes.  A couple hours later the mechanic phoned and said to come pick it up, there was no need for new brakes, these would go for a while yet.  I suppose there is a double blessing in this in that we didn't have to shell out money for new brakes and also that we have a great mechanic who is honest!

~day trip to Calgary~ we did a spur of the moment day trip to Calgary with good friends of ours.  Our plan was to return to the historic neighborhood of Inglewood we had introduced them to last year.  We had the delicious milkshakes on our mind that we discovered from the last time we went so Kane's Harley Diner was on our mind for dessert.  We also wanted to try The Fine Diner which just closing the last time we tried.  So we went there for lunch.  Everything was delicious and to counteract all those delicious calories we spent some time walking and exploring the fun shops that are in Inglewood including my favorite spice store The Silk Road Spice Market.    But the best thing was being with dear friends who we enjoy spending time with.

~book talk texts with my daughter~  both of us are avid readers and though we have very different taste in books it is still fun to discuss what we are reading and what we like and don't like about the stories.  I love having a daughter with whom I have this in common with.

~my hard working dishwasher~ it is chugging away even as I type.  I'm so thankful for this appliance as I would be spending a whole lotta time in front of the sink without it.  With a dayhome filled with 6 kids x 2 snacks and a lunch, and then my own families breakfast and supper dishes, well you get the point.  I love my dishwasher.

~home health care~ Thankful for this group of LPNs who come into my senior Dad's home to help him with some care that he needs.  They come 1 -3 times a day depending on what the needs are and I don't know what we would do without their service.  Very grateful for the job that they do.

What have been the blessings in your past week?


Faith said...

Yes!! Home health nurses are a huge blessing! We so appreciated the two we had for my dad and they were both attentive and caring. One was a Christian!! She read the Bible with him when he could no longer do so.

Yay for daughters who love to read. Both mine do too although usually only the oldest talks with me about hers.

Love getting together with good friends and doing dates. Sounds like a fun place.

Have a great weekend!

Barbara H. said...

We're very appreciative of home health care, too, for my m-i-l. How great to have a mechanic who will honestly tell you work does not need to be done rather than one who keeps trying to add to the work you need. Your day trip sounds like such fun! I love my dishwasher, too - washing dishes by hand is not a favorite task. That's a sweet privilege to have a reader in your family who likes to discuss what you are both reading.

Patti said...

Ah, yes, home health care professionals---we love them too. We have one for my mother-in-law, who comes 4 days a week, 7 hours each day. My father-in-law had been caring for her himself, but it got to be too much for him. We are thankful for the care given to Mom and for the respite Dad now has because of these caring nurses.

Oh, my daughter and I love to talk books too. She is a librarian at our local library, and in that capacity, she is always discovering great new reads, which she then shares with me.

Diner milkshakes are the best!! That sounds like a totally fun day.

Thanks for hosting this link-up each week. It's a joy to be part of it again.


ellen b said...

Good things to reflect on and be grateful for, Susanne! A very happy Mother's Day weekend to you!

Wendy said...

Some good things there. I love it that all my kids, including the boys like to read as do their spouses.

Willow said...

I'm so glad your dad is getting good care. That makes a huge difference and it gives you peace of mind.
All my kids (and hubby) are avid readers. Like you, we are just a reading family.
Good news on your hubby's truck and I second the thought that honest, good mechanics are greatly to be appreciated.
Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to you!