Friday, May 04, 2018

Friday's Fave Five #480

Hi everyone.  Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.   Spring has sprung not just in name, or calendar date but finally with the gorgeous weather.  A perfect time to reflect back over the week and find those good blessings in our lives and promote a grateful attitude.  Please join us.  The guidelines are linked in the sidebar if you're new or have never read them.

~first lunch on the deck~  it's been a long time coming this year but on Saturday I was able to take my lunch and book out on the deck and enjoy the sunshine.  Around here in the spring the warm weather sometimes comes hand in hand with some pretty strong wind but Saturday at noon it was just gorgeous.  Had to take advantage of that!

~ flower beds cleaned and prepped for flowers~ with the nice Saturday I decided to get to the flower beds and clean them of all the dead leaves and blown in garbage that collects over the winter.  It felt really good to get that chore off the list early.

~ early morning bird song ~  with the spring and nice weather has also come the singing of the birds in the morning.  What a wonderful sound that is.  And now that we can actually open some windows we can really hear it.  Such a nice way to start the day.

~ some good advice~  my dad has been going through some health issues as of late and ended up in emergency one night this week.  It was the middle of the night so we had no idea until the er called here for someone to come and give him a ride home.  One of the nurses graciously sent a note that had what the findings were (with my dad's permission, of course) and some suggestions of questions to go over with his family doctor.  What a gracious thing that was.  It was very helpful and I'm thankful someone there cared enough to do that.

~baby snuggles ~  One of the little babes in my dayhome is a snuggly sort and has been coming in for the cuddles on a regular basis this week.  I am happy to oblige.

What have been your favorite blessings from the past week?


Gattina said...

It will get warmer here over the weekend. It's so nice to be able to sit outside. I hope that your Dad gets better it's always a shock when you get a call from a hospital !

1Thess411gal said...

Ah, yes, lunch outside---such a delight! One of my faves this week too.

It really is lovely to hear the birds chirping. They may still chirp in the winter, but with closed windows, we don't get a chance to hear them.

I'm so sorry about your dad, but so glad he was able to get some good, caring help. Those middle of the night phone calls are awful.

Thanks for hosting this party. I'm glad to be partaking again.


Barbara H. said...

I'm so glad spring has settled in and you've been able to enjoy some nice weather outside. There's nothing like baby snuggles, is there? I'm sorry about your dad's health issues - I hope he finds some answers soon. That was incredibly thoughtful of the nurse to put that information down on paper for you.

ellen b said...

Yippee for Spring finally showing it's colors! Glad you got that note. Very helpful. Have a wonderful weekend, Susanne.

Wendy said...

I hope your Dad is doing ok. Must have been a shock to get that phone call. Yay for warmer weather. We have it here too. Enjoy your weekend.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I will say a prayer for your dad. How considerate of the nurse to take the time to do that. I'm sure it was very helpful and it must put your mind at ease to know he is in such good hands.

Willow said...

Lunch outside and birds singing and flowers--all are wonderful signs of spring!

I hope your dad does well--what a nice thing that nurse did to send along the information for him.

Faith said...

We had spring temps and then the last two days were summer temps!! Yay!!! Lunch on the deck happened here too...glad you didn't have the high winds with yours!!

I'm doing my flower beds too a little at a time this year due to the fulltime teaching job now....but it's fun and i love hearing the birds sing in the early morning as well!

I pray your dad will recover well from whatever brought him to the ER and praise God for thoughtful medical staff!!

Enjoy the weekend!