Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday's Fave Five #479

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  We're intentionally looking for blessings and good things in our lives from the past week.

~taxes done and filed for another year~  not a time of year I look forward to but I am very blessed in that my hubby is on top of all our receipts, claims and those things we need for taxes on a regular basis.  I basically just hand him dated receipts throughout the year and do my income receipts in January and he does all the rest.  This way it is done in small bites instead of an overwhelming mess to wade through in tax season.  I so appreciate everything he does in this area.  If it was left up to me I'd probably be one of those people arriving at the accountant with a shoebox full of stuff.

~netflix and food channels~ last weekend when the stomach flu hit the house I was pretty thankful for the ol' couch and tv.  Feeling too sick to even read, ya gotta know I'm sick when that happens, the tv kept me company for most of Saturday.  I now know all I wanna know about "Martha Bakes" marathons and I found a new series on Netflix I'm enjoying so far:  "Timeless".

~ birthdays celebrated~  two of my very good friends have birthdays a week apart so we celebrated with a fun filled birthday lunch out.  Not only was it fun celebrating them but it was just the girl time I needed after a very stressful week

~ faithful prayers~ I love my lady's small group.  Not only do we study God's word but it is also a place where I know I can give a prayer request and have a faithful group of ladies pray.  Not only a quick prayer at the end of the meeting but prayers throughout the week too.  This brings great reassurance to me.

~ a start on the yardwork~ with the sunshine and warmth finally starting to hang around, it's enabled me to start putzing around the yard as the kids play.  I've gotten some things swept up, branches picked up from when the winds knocked them down and the city trimmed some of our trees that are around the power pole, this weekend I'll power wash the deck and chairs, get the grill ready for some great bar-b-ques and start prepping the flower beds for all the beautiful flowers to come.

What were your favorites from the week? 


Patti said...

Ugh, the stomach flu! Hope you are feeling completely better now. My go-to movie to watch when I'm sick is Dirty Dancing.

Lunch out with good friends---always a treat.

After a long winter, it definitely is a blessing to get out and putter around the yard. I am with you there.

I am going to participate in Fave Five this week. I am thrilled to be back in blogland and taking part in your lovely party.


Faith said...

Oh dear.....stomach flu is no fun!! hope you are feeling much better!

I was able to get much of the deck ready last weekend too and even though it desperately needs a coat of paint, i am still gonna sit out there and enjoy it!

There's nothing like a small group of our sisters in Christ. It's funny but i mentioned mine too for the FFF!

Enjoy the weekend and sunshine!

Barbara H. said...

I don't know if I could watch food channels with the stomach flu. :-) Glad you're feeling better. I LOVE Timeless! I'm always relieved when my husband gets taxes done, because if I had to do them - I'd be in a pickle. I was just wondering today when our first grilled meal this year might be and whether I should suggest that to my husband yet. He's the grillmaster here, but I need to learn. It's good to have nice weather in which to get the yard shaped for spring and to anticipate those flowers to come. The girl-time birthday and small group sound great.

Gattina said...

Mr G.fills in the tax form with a special computer program I did in the beginning of our marriage because his French wasn't good enough yet !
When I return home from France I will need somebody for the yard, we can't do it anymore.Fortunately we have a robot which mows the lawn !

Karen said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I've been watching a lot of TV lately, too. We're newcomers to Netflix. I'll have to check out Timeless. I've been hooked on Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries of late.

Willow said...

Oh I'm sorry you were sick last weekend. Yuck. But I'm glad you're better now.
My hubby does all our taxes. I think he just waves a magic wand over the papers and presto, they're all done.
Enjoy your weekend in the garden :)

ellen b said...

Sorry you were sick. Glad tax prep is behind you. I'll have to check out Timeless. Hope that Spring is here to stay. Hope you have a good relaxing weekend.

Wendy said...

Hope you're feeling much better by now but not overdoing it with too much yard work. Didn't make it here yesterday - was preparing for the double baby shower we had today. Both Mums to be are doing well so that's my big thank you this week plus we had a lovely day today.