Friday, April 06, 2018

Friday's Fave Five #476

I'm posting my FFF button even though it is still winter weather out here.  Yikes, it really is the year of the never ending winter in my neck of the woods.  But regardless there is still blessings to be found.  And even though weather is not one of them, there are others.  Join us as we intentionally look for blessings and good things in our lives from the past week and sharing five of our favorites.

~Easter weekend with the family together~ last weekend we traveled to my oldest daughter, Kim and her husband Mitch's home.  Our youngest, Tamara came with us and our son Jeremy and his girlfriend met us there.  The whole family together.  I love when we are all able to be together for a holiday.  One of the hardest things of the kids becoming adults, for me, is that sometimes due to jobs, travel constraints or sharing them with another family we are not always to be together for holidays.  But this Easter saw us all together.  Kim and Mitch hosted for the first time and put out a very beautiful and delicious meal.  They didn't let me raise a finger to help in any way, except to make the gravy and they made me go first to get the food.  They really treated me like a queen.  We all played some fun games and had some great laughs together.  Came home feeling very blessed and thankful for family.

~good doctor report~ this week we took my Dad to Calgary for his month post procedure check and he was quite nervous.  But Praise God, the doctor was very pleased with his progress. It was great news and we are very thankful.  He's still got some hurdles to overcome but he has been given some hope.

~getting home safe and sound~  traveling to and from my daughter's saw us hitting some pretty ugly traveling conditions.  Some low to zero visibility, slippery roads, snow, wind and freezing rain/snow.  Some real white knuckle driving for long periods of time.  So grateful that we made it there and back safe and sound albiet with a bit of frazzled nerves.  Going to Calgary, there was snow and freezing snow predicted and the night before I was fighting some real anxiety in yet again facing the possibility of a nerve wracking drive, but praise God, the snow was held back and we had great driving conditions both there and back.  So thankful.

-extra reading time-  taking my dad to Calgary, my hubby drove and my Dad took the front seat which let me have some real good uninterrupted reading time in the back seat while they chatted together in the front.

~slowing changing to spring decor~ not to motivated yet in the decor department around the house, probably because it just doesn't seem like spring yet, but I have started slowly bringing out a few things.  It just freshens up the space and makes me happy.  :)

What have your favorite blessings been from the last week?


Gattina said...

That's true what you said about our now adult kids ! We spent Easter alone and didn't do anything ! And we too have a never ending winter ! I am so fed up !

Faith said...

It's so true about older children and holidays! Our first Rastermwith our youngest off at the university although we did get to see her dance show on Good Friday night. It was 60 degrees and so warm in NH and we get home to eastern NY to wake up to cold temps in the high 20s and dusting of snow on ground. It has been a slow start to real spring!!

Praise God for safe travels and good doc reports regarding your father.

And yay for extra reading time!

I hope you have. Relaxing weekend

Barbara H. said...

Mr. Linky seems to be having some problems just now. First it wouldn't respond when I clicked to enter my link. I closed it and opened it again, and now the page isn't loading, though I've tried a couple of times. So I'll leave my link here for now and come back later to try Mr. Linky again:

Yikes re the weather! I hope spring comes your way in reality soon. Putting out some spring decorations always brightens things up for me, too.

Glad you had a good Easter! I'm so glad your family was able to be all together. It does get so much harder as our kids get older. How great to have a holiday meal that you didn't have to put together! Such a gift.

Great news about your dad's doctor's report. How nice to have some bonus reading time on the way!

Barbara H. said...

Just tried Mr. Linky again, and it opened right up and my link evidently did go through.

Karen said...

That family time is so precious. It sounds like yours was a special day. It is snowing here today -- opening day for baseball in Denver -- which is just wrong!! Bring on the Spring weather!

Willow said...

OH I'm so glad to hear that your dad had a good doctor report! I've been praying for him. I'm thankful with you, too that your drives were safe in all that snow and ice.

Aren't you glad you can read in the car? I can. too and it makes the trips so much easier.

Have a great weekend!