Friday, March 02, 2018

Friday's Fave Five #471

Welcome to a brand new month of FFF's.   Hard to believe it's March already and spring is just around the corner.  This winter here in Southern Alberta has been something else this year and I, for one, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, am waiting with great anticipation for the warmth and sunshine.  But for now, there is always something good to find in my week.  Please join me in looking for blessings from the last week and sharing 5 of them with us.  Guidelines are here. 

~day spent with family in Calgary~  Saturday turned out to be a lovely day after a crazy windy Friday last week.  We decided to have a little family type day spent in Calgary.  My hubby is so good in recognizing when I need to have a little break and getaway.  T had to be in Calgary that day anyway to take her friend to the airport and when we asked J to meet us in Calgary he right away said yes.  We had a wonderful time at the Farmer's Market and the huuuuge outlet mall (1.4 million square feet!).  We all just did our own thing and met up every so often in the mall.  We then went for supper at one of our fave restaurants.  Though we got home super late and super tired it was a great little getaway from the same old, same old just being together.  We did miss our oldest daughter and her hubby, however, but it's just way too long of a trip for them to make it a day trip.

Chillin' at the Farmer's Market waiting for the kid's to arrive

~new job for my youngest~  T landed herself a job that she is super excited about.  She had left her old job about a month ago and was very faithful in checking the job sites on a daily basis.  She got herself an interview at a newer salon and spa in town.  She is hired as a part time receptionist for the moment but will be trained in other areas and will move closer to full time as she learns and grows.  She is so happy and is looking forward to learning and the potential she has at this new job.  I'm really happy for her.

~rhubarb tea~ the Farmer's market has a little tea boutique called Totalitea that has some wonderful flavors.  This time I tried the Sweet Rhubarb tea.  It was really delicious after supper when I was craving a sweet.  

~fresh pressed beet apple juice~  another great find at the Farmer's market.  A vegetable booth had a variety of freshly made juice.  We tried carrot, apple, beet apple, wheat grass apple and parsley apple.  By far my favorite was the beet apple.  We bought a bottle and I've been enjoying a small glass each morning.  So good.  Wish I could purchase it here but it will have to be a special treat when we are able to get up to the Farmer's market.

~prayers of friends~  such a precious gift it is to be able to rely on the prayers of friends when we need it.  

What have been your favorite blessings this week?


Willow said...

Spending time with family even for a day is the BEST! I'm glad you had that getaway on Saturday.
Beet juice? Hmmmm, I've never tried it. I'll take your word for it...
Hurray to your girl for her new job!
And yes, we are always thankful for our prayer warrior friends.

Gattina said...

Me too I am so fed up with winter although I had this nice 2 week interruption in Egypt ! It's hard to get back to daily life and cold ! How nice that your daughter found a new job which sounds interesting !

Faith said...

OMGOSH I tried apple beet carrot juice at a vegan cafe in Vermont last spring and it was so good! However, i was NOT prepared for what the color of my um......."waste" would look like. HOly Cow! hahah.....Claire actually makes her own by blending/chopping apples and beets with a small dash of almond milk. Tons of people around here make their own veggie and fruit juices because it's cheaper than the ones bought in the cafes and farmers markets.

YAY for family days. You know Calgary is still on our bucket list along with that Banff National Park (is it a national park?? i can never remember) and Lake Louise. It sounds like you had a great day!

I love the power of prayer and with friends it's even better!

My mom used to make Rhubarb pie and I was never a fan...not sure I'd like the tea. It's funny but I wrote about tea too!!

And guess what Susanne? we are in the middle of a blizzard! UGH!!!!!

Barbara H. said...

So glad you had a nice day out with most of your family! Sounds fun! And it's great your daughter found a job she likes with the potential to go full-time. My middle son makes smoothies of all kinds of vegetables and fruit combinations with a hand or immersion bender. Glad they had the juice in bottled form so you could take some home with you. Amen to prayers of friends!

Wendy said...

Sounds like you had a nice day out but I'm not sure about beet juice. Or rhubarb tea. I enjoy a good cup of what's often referred to as "Builder's tea" here as in ordinary tea with no frills or flavours. Well done to your daughter for the new job. I hope it continues to go well.

ellen b said...

Yippee for taking advantage of a good day to meet up with family. Congrats to daughter for landing that job! Prayer warriors are the best! Hope you have a good weekend dear Susanne!

nikkipolani said...

So glad you got a date out to spend with family, and get away from the routine. I have a juicer and have made beet and apple juice, though I also add carrot and ginger and lime. I love the zing of the ginger. Congratulations to youngest on her new job. She sounds like a hard worker who is diligent in finding the job she wanted. Yes, I heartily agree with you about the prayers of friends. Such encouragement to know that people are bringing cares before our Lord on our behalf.