Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday's Fave Five #470

Welcome Friday and welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  It's been a super busy week around the Living To Tell household but all the more reason to intentionally take a pause and take note of the blessings of the week.  Otherwise they might just scoot on by without even really being taken note of.  Please join with me.   If you are new or have never read the guidelines, please take a quick moment and go here to do that and then join on in.

~ safe travels~ Well the very day after the "calvary"  arrived to clear the snow (mentioned in last week's FFF), we had snow fall warnings out for Saturday.  And snow it did.  The biggest dump of this winter.  My daughter was to go pick up her friend in Calgary from the airport, but after prayer and discussion and contacting her friend we decided no way would she make the attempt.  Tickets were able to be exchanged with no penalty for the next day, after a lengthy one hour discussion with the airline, and T was able to safely pick up her friend on a clear, sunshiny, albeit very cold Sunday.   I cannot tell you how thankful I was for how God worked everything out. 

~some amusement at the expense of aforementioned friend~  T's friend is from Oregon and they only get snow every 3 or 4 years and it's the kind that never "sticks" and certainly they don't get the bitter cold we do.  T warned him but he didn't seem too concerned.  It was funny to hear him say how shocked he was when walking out of the Calgary airport and he literally felt his jeans stiffen from the cold.  We've teased him all week as he experienced his first crazy Canadian winter laughing at his surprise at the amount of snow we've got right now.  At last count our city has cleared 16,000 truckloads of snow off our roads (and that is just the priority routes and not any side streets).  We have had 4 times the average amount of snowfall for February and there is still a week left.  Surprising, even for us hardy Southern Albertans never mind a guest not used to it.

~long weekend rest~ Monday was a long weekend here in Alberta and I surely did appreciate it. It was a nice time to rest, read, and refresh.  I always appreciate the long weekends and February's always seems especially held high as March doesn't normally hold a long weekend for us so the next break will not be until Easter.

~long distance birthday wishes~  this week marked my oldest daughter's 28th birthday and though we couldn't be together to celebrate, we had a nice chat with her to start the day.  28!  I just can hardly believe that!  I can remember all the details of the day she was born and so many special moments and memories of her growing up years.  She's turned into a lovely young woman who has never lost her sense of adventure, loves the Lord and has made her mom and dad proud of the person she has become.

~warm cups of tea on cold winter nights~  winter time is tea time for me.  I drink coffee till lunch time only because of the caffeine but in the evenings a cup of herb tea is always a treat.  I tend to like ones that have a bit of spice to them and have been enjoying a Chocolatey Chai and an Apple Spice this last week.  These kinds of flavors also help to cut my cravings for sweets.

What were your favorite blessings from the past week?


Barbara H. said...

Wow. That's a lot of snow! I'm surprised Oregon doesn't get more snow and cold than that, being so much farther north. We get more snow than that in TN! But thankfully nowhere near as much as you do. I'm so glad for the equipment and people to clear it out. That's wonderful that the travel arrangements worked out for the better.

Monday was President's Day here, but it was a long weekend only for government employees. Glad you got an extra day off.

Belated happy birthday to your daughter! She is lovely.

Faith said...

I have a friend who lived in Oregon and they always had a snowy winter!!! Maybe depends on where one lives??

Thank the Lord it all worked out regarding the airlines and the safe travels.

i love long weekends too....especially now that I'm back to full time teaching!!!

I've enjoyed hot herbal teas more this winter too but it's only because i am trying to cut down on late day coffee and drink more water too.

Happy birthday to your oldest gal....she looks so much like you!! Love the photos!!

Happy weekend and stay warm!!

Ps the current novel i am reading is one i bet you would love! the English Wife.

Susanne said...

Faith: I'm going by what our friend told us. I've never been there myself. I think it does depend which side of Oregon you are on, the west is more coastal and the east gets the snow? He doesn’t even own a winter coat or warm boots. LOL

Wendy said...

I think if I had your weather I would be hibernating! Glad you caught up with your daughter. My sons have gone off to Krakow in Poland this weekend. They were expecting it to be very cold but #1 son had no hat. He planned on buying one on route though! Have a good weekend.

Willow said...

T's friend is obviously from Western Oregon--Central and Eastern OR get lots of snow (I'm a native Portland girl). My family in the Portland area deluged me with photos of the snow they got this week.

Happy Birthday to your girl!

ellen b said...

Sounds like a lot of snow. Glad you have the workforce to clear roads. Fun experience with the friend from Oregon. Happy birthday to your oldest! It's quite shocking that they keep adding on years. Hope you have a good weekend.

nikkipolani said...

Wait, your daughter is 28?! So... you had her when you were 12?!
That is some serious snow. If we southern Californians ever had a tiny fraction, the city would shut down. But the perfect occasion for teasing your friend who was not accustomed to real weather.