Friday, December 22, 2017

One Week in December by Holly Chamberlin ~ Book Review

Becca Rowan is a career minded 32 year old from Boston.  She is driven and doesn't have much time for friends or family.  This Christmas, however, she will be joining her family at her childhood home in Maine. But it's not because she wants the togetherness that the holidays bring.  She has a mission in mind and that is to confront her family on what she considers a huge injustice perpetrated on her when she was a 16 year old in shaky circumstances and to reclaim what was hers.  The news will be shocking and will upset the whole family dynamic but she could care less. She is determined to get what she wants. But when she arrives home and meets the neighbor who befriends her she finds herself opening up to someone for the first time in many, many years and her perspective about love and family begin to change.  And now she must make a decision that will affect not just her life but her family's.

I saved this book specifically for a December wintery read.  The story was good and delves into many layers of family dynamics, family decisions, the affect of secrets and the revealing of them, and how perspectives can be skewed over years of hurt.  I have to say that I did have a hard time connecting with any of the characters, however.  I just didn't like them.  Could I too have been skewed in my perspective towards them because I was sick and not feeling well when I read the book?  Were the complicated family dynamics just too deep for my fever muddled brain?  Hmmm, who knows.  But at any rate it was a decent winter read but just not one that really grabbed me and I gave it a 7/10.


Michele Morin said...

There is something special about December reads. I'll put up with a few weaknesses in the plot or character development just to borrow some of the seasonal loveliness.
Thanks for your thoughts here!

Faith said...

I saw this at the towne library and almost picked it up but then went with a different one. I've read Holly's other few....think I'll skip this one. I often find those December Christmas novels a bit sappy!