Friday, December 01, 2017

Friday's Fave Five #458

Hi everyone and welcome to the first FFF of December.  I can't believe it's already the last month of the year.  My FFF list this week is going to be short and sweet as I have very limited time to get it together.  There was a late request for something for my small group from the church concerning a funeral and I am trying to get that in place with a very short deadline.  But I didn't want to totally not try to account for some blessings.  Here are two I am able to write up at the moment.  I will try to come back later and add more.

~ friends who pray ~  the ladies in my small group are a real blessing when it comes down to praying.  I know when there are prayer requests amongst us that they are faithful to lift those requests before the Lord.

~ good reports ~  a good report from one of the ladies to answered prayer.  She has been really struggling these past months with an issue and what a joy it was to hear her speak of some baby steps of progress.  Praising God for some answered prayers.

And I'm back.  Whew quite a couple of days!!

~ a good cup of coffee ~ goodness knows I've needed one or ten this week!  

~ a new Christmas tree ~ though I was super sad to see the last one go, it was big and gorgeous and had "feel real" tips, it was massive.  Way too big for the space.  The other day  hubby just threw up his hands and said "I've had enough of this big tree , it makes me claustrophobic through the whole month of December!"  So off we went to get another.  Found another nice one for $100 dollars off and it's pre-lit, another bonus for hubby as he was the light stringer, and it will fit the space so much better.  Now to just get the time to decorate the thing.  

~ lesson learned ~ little by little I'm learning that I can loosen my fingers off of situations and not have to feel I have to "fix" everything myself.  That is God's job.  This is a very hard lesson for me, as I come from good "control" stock.  This week a situation presented itself and I immediately went into panic mode and tried to come up with plan x, y and z to working it out.  But I clearly felt to do just what I was originally asked to do, which was to email a group of people and put the need out there.  And then I let go and let God.  I must admit I was pretty antsy at first and stressing about it did try to work it's way in.  But I hung tough and just let it be. Though it was hard, you know what?  God worked it all out and people rose to the occasion which wouldn't have happened if I insisted on micromanaging it and taking the responsibility on myself.  I hope I remember this example for the next time this kind of thing comes around.

Whew thanks for being patient with my post this week!  Hope you all have a happy 1st December weekend!

What are some of the blessings in your week?


Susan said...

I will pray that you get the request done quickly and done well. ... It certainly is a blessing to see answered prayer and to have group of faithful prayer warriors.
Have a blessed weekend.

Barbara H. said...

Those are two great blessings, both to have people you can entrust with prayer requests, and to see God answering them.

Faith said...

I pray you have a good day getting what needs to be done quickly and smoothly!!

Will check back after work!!

Karen said...

Real life comes before blogging, and gives us more fodder to blog about! Good luck today, and I'll check in again later.

Phoebes World said...

Good Luck..and I will check back later. But dont worry.. real life comes first.. and those two favourites are good ones to have x

Kathie said...

Praying friends are the very best!!

Faith said...

Well you KNOW i love coffee and in fact am sitting with this ipad in front of my lit Xmas tree ( prelit amd smaller for us too for same reasons!) with a steaming mug of white chocolate peppermint coffee now that I'm home from,work and errands.

Yay for letting God take control. I have same issue. We really need to meet!!!!!!

ellen b said...

Our lives are on a constant learning curve and it's good to cooperate with new things we need to learn. Sounds like a busy but good week. It's nice you could help out with funeral. Happy December to you.

Willow said...

Hi Susanne, I didn't make FFF this week, but I wanted to read others' blessings because they always encourage me. Your week was super busy! I loved your comments about 'letting go' of the control a bit.