Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday's Fave Five #453

Well Friday blew in here so fast.  It's like just yesterday I was writing the FFF for last week?  Good thing I can take this time to pause and think about my week a bit and find the blessings to take note of them.  Join in with us.

Movie and light supper out with friends.  My friend and I were so excited to see a movie adaptation of a favorite author's book and we finally got a chance to see it on the weekend.  Dragging our hubby's along Our hubbies joined us and we had a bite to eat afterwards and enjoyed great friendship and conversation. Though the movie was disappointing in regards to way too many liberties taken with changing up the story to the point I thought it lost a lot of the most important aspects that made the novel so good, and script writing that felt stilted at times, the friendship of being with a couple we like was the blessing.  And that has got to be some kind of record for a long sentence!  And don't get me wrong it was still a good movie with gorgeous scenery just not the same essence of the book.

Bible studies that apply to life.  While I love bible studies that take on a more studious tone like studying Greek words and apologetics and the like, I do love a study that takes a book of the bible and totally applies what you are learning to the nitty gritty of living everyday life.  Our group is studying the Book of Ruth and this week's lesson really made us think of how it applied to our lives at the moment.  We were examining the gifts God has given to each of us and taking a good hard look at how we use those blessings to bless others in practical ways....or not!  Discussion was great and we all left with much to think on.

Funny things toddlers say.  The two year old in my dayhome has taken off seemingly overnight in the talking department and some of the things he comes up with are hilarious.  For example one day our conversation went as follows:

"Susanne, guess what?"
"You never know"

One wonders where a barely two year old comes up with this stuff.  Keeps me laughing.

New family signing on with dayhome.  This is a huge blessing.  It's one of those seasons where the dayhome is finding itself in a huge transition.  Kids going to school, moving away, mommas pregnant means from August - December I am losing more than 3/4 of the kids in dayhome.  This week I signed with a wonderful family that has two children and will start January.  Whew, now thank you Lord for 2 more!

A break in the wind today.  It's been windy all week and yesterday was crazy windy again.  It was nice today to have a break in the gusting wind.  More chilly but calmer.  I'll take that over the other.  Caught a beautiful picture of the chinook arch with the sunset and high level bridge underneath it though which kinda made the crazy wind worth it.  No wind, no chinook arch, no amazing picture.

What were your blessings and good things this week?


Willow said...

I love those special times with friends. We had a couple of those this week and it's like a breath of life.
Little ones can be so funny! Who know where or how they come up with those statements.
I'm glad your weather is moderating--that sunset is beautiful and yes, worth the weather.

Faith said...

I love special times with friends! we have one coming up in November and I am so excited! Is the movie you are talking about the one based on the charles martin novel? guess what. i have the town library searching for that book for me and they cannot seem to find it anywhere in our system! They have all his other ones!

yay for filling up your daycare business. That must be a good feeling. and yes 2 yr old chatter is so fun. i am working in a classroom where all 11 children are 3-5 yrs old but more like 2-4 developmentally due to their special needs and when one of the autistic 4 yr olds begins to verbalize it is so much fun to hear what comes out of the mouth.

i think your sky poc is very pretty. glad your high winds are dying down.

happy weekend!

Barbara H. said...

What an interesting sky picture! I wondered, too, if you were talking about the Charles Martin movie about being stranded on a mountain - I have not read the book yet, but thought the previews of the movie looked good. But I hate when they take a good book and then switch it up too much for a movie. Good times with friends makes it a worthy outing, though!

Funny how Bible studies seem to sway one way or another - either deep study or application, when ideally it should be a balance between both. Glad this one is speaking to you.

Little ones can be so funny - even more funny because they don't realize it. That's wonderful that you have a new family coming in to make up for the ones that have left for various reasons!

ellen b said...

Glad your vacancies are being filled! Sounds like you had a good full week. That sky is amazing...
Happy weekend to you.

Gattina said...

It often happens that the film is completely different then the book and I am often disappointed, but it also happened the other way around. Weather is getting cooler and the trees are all stripteasing !
I always think that quotes from children are the best jokes _

Kathie said...

Your 2 yr old's comment made me laugh out loud :) What book Susanne? I'll be interested to read the story if not see the movie. I often find movies disappointing.
- Ruth
Another question - are you using a book to study to Ruth? The reason I ask is because a group of women are looking into this study -Ruth More Than A Love Story by Elizabeth Ahlman.
Glad your home care vacancies are filling!
Times with friends are the best!
Have a great week Susanne!

Susan said...

That is a gorgeous photo, Susanne. It reminded me of the song, Alberta Bound, by Gordon Lightfoot

Hurray on getting more kiddos for your day home. And that 2-year-old sounds like a riot. I am going to "steal" his comment.

In our Bible study last night we talked about how God blessed Abraham so that he would/could bless others and that is why (in part) God blesses us. And we talked about how we could use our spiritual gifts to bless others. Seems like a theme between our groups.

Sorry the book-turned-movie was a bust. But it is great that you two couples had a good time together anyway.

I won't be around until November 24th b/c I am going on vacation starting this Sunday. Have a GREAT week.

Karen said...

I'm wondering if you're referring to The Mountain Between Us, too, I know he's one of your favorites. I read the book and loved it. I think I missed the movie being here, but I'll wait for Netflix. Thanks for the heads up! I would hate that they messed with it too much, as the book was so good.

Your Bible study sounds wonderful!

I'm glad for you that you have some new families. I imagine that is one of the challenging parts of having your own business, keeping it all balanced.

Stunning picture!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Oh yes, I work with two year olds! They are so funny! I laugh all day. It's one of the best parts of my job.

Wendy said...

Children can be so entertaining. Glad you are filling your places. It must be hard running your own business, especially from home. Time with friends is always good, shame about the film though. Have a lovely weekend.