Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday's Fave Five #452

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  Our little group here is trying from week to week to cultivate an intentional attitude of looking for the good blessings in our lives.  On good weeks, average weeks and even on not so great weeks.   Why?  Because it helps us to have gratitude for the lives given to us, to live in a state of better contentment and to enjoy the gift.    Please join us.

Safe travels for my daughter who was driving to Calgary to take a friend to the airport.  The day she came back was insanely windy.  I'm talking Hurricane level 1 winds.  My city reached gusts of 113 km (70.2 mph) and parts of the province got up to 149 kmp (92.5 mph)!  There are points on the highway where they actually have signs for truckers to be aware of the wind gusts in the area on the best of days but Tuesday was shocking in it's nature.  A lot of Alberta went into emergency mode as the crazy wind overturned semi trucks on several highways, including the one which my girl had to travel, it derailed 2 trains in 2 different areas, I know...unbelievable!  Several grass fires started all over the province and quickly went out of control including on a mile up the road from me and another about acreage community about 10 minutes out of town,  where people had to be evacuated. Several areas of my city lost power for hours unrelated to the fire.  Some families lost everything when their home got caught in the sudden path of  the fire outside of Calgary.  One firefighter lost his life fighting one of the grass fires by the Alberta/Saskatchewan border.  It was a scary day.  And this is what she was driving home in.  But her little beetle made it home just fine and for that I am very thankful! My heart cries for the families who lost so much.

An amazing sunset was the good thing that came out of the crazy wind on the Monday.  I glanced out the window to see this:

So beautiful!!  God truly is the original artist and I'm thankful for my sight to see it!

Lunch out after church.  Hubby and I were blessed to have our daughter and her friend join us along with another couple who are good friends of ours out for lunch.  It was a really fun time with lots of laughs, great company and really good food.  After a great service it, it just topped off the day.

Braised lamb tacos with a corn and bean side.

Operation Christmas Child kickoff at church.  I love this ministry and getting to work in it and kick it off each year is a blessing.  It's so much fun and I love sharing the passion for it with my congregation!  I was especially blessed when our visiting guest went out shopping right after lunch with my daughter and packed a box to give in spite of never hearing about Operation Christmas Child before.

This set of videos showing different period dresses.  I came across this quite by accident, but it set me off on a tangent of binge watching over a few evenings.  Showing different styles from different historical periods and what it all entailed for the woman of the day to get dressed.  Let's just say I'm mighty glad I could sit on the couch in yoga pants and comfy sweater.  The layers boggled my mind and made me hot and itchy just thinking about it all.  How did women ever do it?  Anyway, it was kinda fascinating to watch and amused me.

What were your favorite "good things", blessings, from this last week?


Willow said...

My good things didn't include beautiful sunsets although we had some amazing ones this week--probably partly from the smoke in the air from the fires east of LA. I hadn't realized how bad the fires were in Canada--I guess my focus was on Santa Rosa where I had friends with family evacuated.
Lunches out are fun with good company!
I am so so so thankful for the dress codes women have now--I wear slacks/jeans seven days a week!
Thanks as always for hosting FFF.

Gattina said...

That was really very scary ! I hate storms and strong winds ! the strongest one I ever lived was 180 km/h and two of our trees fell on the street. Ever since I really panic a bit when it is too windy !

Faith said...

Oh praise God your precious girl made itmhome safelymin those high winds!! The devastation from wild fires is horrible. I am so sorry to hear about them in your area as well as northern CA! We had a small one here in the mountains but our forest rangers wuickly contained it and it was nothing like what you all experience.

How fun to be in charge of OCC each year. we all still do. a box too even though the girls are older. Im doing one for claire in her absence if the church she found near campus doesnt do them. It is such a blessing of a ministry!! Our church shows the Samaritans Purse videos each year of the children receiving their boxes. It is so special. and makes our own children that much more appreciative of the blessings we enjoy here in the states.

Yay for lunches out and gorgeous sunsets!!

i will show Clurtney those videos. she won an award for pencil drawings of dresses throughout history in the USA back when she was 15. In fact i remember sharing the picture on a FFF!!

happy weekend!

Wendy said...

So glad your daughter made it home ok. There seem to be instances of dreadful weather/fires in so many places at the moment.
I glanced at the site with the videos on the clothes. It looked really interesting but I resisted the temptation of watching as I know I could easily while away a lot of time on them. I'm nearly always in trousers of some sort. Dresses are for weddings and special occasions! lol Have a good weekend Suzanne.

Barbara H. said...

Oooh, I am going to have to check out those videos. I was thinking even just watching Little House on the Prairie in my m-i-l's room one day that no one ever even wore short sleeves! Those long skirts and long sleeves even on the hottest days and tasks - I just can't imagine. And I have also marveled at how upper-class ladies had to have someone help them dress in those times, but seeing how complicated the dresses were, it makes sense.

Wow, those were some winds. So glad your daughter made it home safely. What a gorgeous sunset. Neat that your daughter's friend jumped right into OCC!

Kathie said...

Hi Susanne - I finally made it back to FFF. It feels good.

So glad your daughter got home safely. That would be scary.

We're starting up our Christmas shoe boxes as well. It's a great ministry.

I'm going to check out those videos - sound like fun.

Have a great week Susanne!

Ann said...

Looks like a great meal!!

Due to surgery I won't be able to work with OCC as much this year. I love it too.

ellen b said...

Braised lamb tacos! Glad your daughter was safe. We experienced those winds at our kids' home in northeastern Washington, too. That sunset is amazing!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Sunsets seem to be more beautiful at this time of year.

nikkipolani said...

Goodness, the winds you get in your neck of the woods wound so dangerous! So good to know your daughter arrived safely and didn't get mired in the many accidents along the way.

Beautiful clouds in that sunset -- You've captured some pretty colors there, but I bet it was even better in person. Isn't it amazing the tools God made to perceive colors like that?