Friday, August 11, 2017

Fridays Fave Five #442

Good morning everyone!  Sorry this is late going up.  Unexpected company last night made it so I couldn't get to my computer.  I don't know when today I'll be able to make my own Friday's Fave Five but don't let that stop you!  I'll put up the Linky and you go right ahead and I'll jump on board whenever I can.  Happy Friday to all!

And we're finally back...

Whew, it's been a crazy day with everything so far but I'm finally able to catch a minute to see if I can get 5 favorite blessings from the week posted.

1.  Visit from my son.  My son was able to get some well deserved down time and come home for a few days.  So very nice to have him here.  His friend came along with him and we've been having a good visit.  I love whenever my kids can get home.  I really miss them.

2.  Day trip to Calgary.  This is always fun and we always have our favorite places to visit there.  This time we took a trip to the Calgary Farmer's Market and the Chinook Mall.  The Farmer's Market is always a treat with lots of delicious food and fun products.  There is almost always buskers playing and singing and providing entertainment.  It's just such a fun, busy environment.  I even found a Christmas present already.  Just hope I remember I bought it come December.  :/

3.  First lesco of the year.  Come August when the peppers start making an appearance we start getting a craving for a wonderful Hungarian peasant dish called lesco.  Growing up in a Hungarian household my Mom made the best but I give it a good shot each year.  It's usually made with sweet banana peppers or sweet yellow Hungarian peppers, but this time at the farmer's market I was able to score some wonderful purple peppers too.   Big bonus is it takes only about 1/2 hour at the most from stove to table and is super easy.   And seeing my son loves this dish, I made a batch while he was here.  I'll post the lecso recipe this week.  It was fun to get his friend, who is from China, to try this dish as had brought us all sorts of Chinese treats to try.  I can now officially say I have tried Chinese snack foods such as Shredded dried Squied, Spicy Bean Curd, Spicy rice crackers, and something like a cereal square but chewier rather than crispy, and a meat appetizer that was cooked with all sorts of traditional Chinese spices such as cinammon and cardomon.  

4.  Chocolate Cherry Bread Pudding.  I have not baked in a long, long, long time.  My hubby no longer eats sugar, and I have cut way, way back.  If I have a sweet it's at dinner at someone else's house or a restaurant and it's rare.  If I have it around I know I will just eat it until it's gone.  But seeing the guys were home AND I had stale hamburger buns and some frozen cherries that needed eating I made this yummy bread pudding.  I used half the sugar and it still was so delicious.  It was a hit with everyone and again so easy.  I'll post that recipe next week too.

5.  Mini at home holiday.  Wrapping up our staycation week last weekend Hubby and I took some bike rides, river bottom walks and actually ate pizza at a restaurant.  I love holidays and going places but I also like staycations too.  I find they are a bit more relaxed.  On holidays we tend to be on the go so much, taking in sights and events and shopping of the place we are visiting.  But at home it's totally down time and we go with the flow.  Sleeping in, chilling with me reading and him doing his music stuff on the computer, not having to be anywhere or do anything.  We had pizza at a pub where hubby has does business with the owner and it was amazing.  We'll be getting that again.   I could have used another week, it seems I just get the stress of work and day to day shaken off and get totally relaxing and the week is over, but I am thankful for that week!

Whew, so there were my favorite blessings from the week.  Thanks for joining in! 


Susan said...

How fun to have unexpected company. I hope you have a great day!

Barbara H. said...

Sounds like fun! I'll check back later. Thanks once again for hosting!

ellen b. said...

I know how it is when company comes! :)

Willow said...

Oh I love your staycation update--bike rides and walks and pizza!
How wonderful to have your boy home for a few days! And there's someone else in the house to help eat the food.
Have a great weekend!

Barbara H. said...

How nice to have your son home! And an excuse for some treats. :-) I need to get to where you are with sugar and just only have it occasionally. I like that about staycations, too. The day trip sounds fun! We have a farmer's market here in the summers that my son and d-i-l love to go to. Having a favorite family dish that is also super easy is a big plus.

Wendy said...

Your staycation sounds great and how lovely to have an unexpected visit with your son.

Susan said...

That chocolate cherry bread pudding caught my attention. Looking forward to seeing your recipe.
How fun to make a fave family recipe. Lesco looks delicious, too. what a nice treat for your son to be able to have this when he came home to recharge.

I LOVE staycations. I need to do more of them. One thing I like is that I am not so exhausted once I go back to work.

I hope this is another good week for you.

Faith said...

how fun to have your son and his friend home to visit!

I do NOT like staycations all that much because i always end up doing more household projects or chores than I planned on. Of course because of the Italy trip, we won't be doing any more major vacations this calendar year BUT...we take claire to UNH on Sat a.m. and my official end of summer school vacation starts Friday at 2:30 for 17 glorious days. I will be doing a lot of kayaking and hiking I well as a day or two on the Cape. Plus a couple of days of major home and garden projects. Oh, and a couple of lake to swim days.

I don't care for breaded desserts but pizza out is always fun!