Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday's Fave Five #431

Hello and welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  Taking the time and pausing to look for and remember the blessings and good things in our week and then share 5 of them.  Join on in with us!

1.  Flowers planted out.  The weekend saw glorious weather.  Sunshine, warmth, no was gorgeous.  And because the weather can be fickle around these parts at this time of year, I was keeping a close eye on the weather network.  It was predicted to be a very warm week with temps getting up to 29 or 30*C, which is like summer weather here.  And the overnights were supposed to be nice to.   So Monday I spent putting my bedding out plants into containers and along the driveway.  With a happy and tired sigh I stood back and admired them all..... And forgot to take a pic.  So I'll post as soon as I can get outside to take it.

And here we 3 front planters

2.  Flowers still alive.  And then the very next day, all these insane warning of a severe weather change start popping up in the  weather network.  And storm it did.  All of Alberta got hit with  winds of insanity in places reaching 100km/hr which is about 60 mph, especially in the capital.  Broken trees, semi trucks overturned, electric poles toppled,   Calgary even had snow.  Here it poured rain with crazy winds driving it and the temp dipped to about 5*C feeling like 0*.  I thought I would lose them all.  Can I say frustrated?  But I covered what I could, brought in the house what I could and hoped for the best.   This morning dawned windy but not crazy like the day before and Praise God, the flowers all survived.

3.  Star Fleet Academy Experience.  Saturday found us loaded into our good friends' car and headed to Telus Spark, the science center in Calgary.  Their feature this spring was the Star Fleet Academy Experience which was all about Star Trek.  So. Much. Fun!  We got bracelets that we used to log in to different tests and activities that in the end determined what career to pursue in the academy, along with all the paraphernalia that any Trekkie would love to see.  I definitely needed practice at accuracy with shooting phasers but hey, I wasn't too bad at learning Klingon language.  I totally saved my crew by making an emergency landing onto a life sustaining planet and even got "beamed up".  My "personnel file" shows I did well on the tests in Communications (interest in languages, cultures, and communicating with others) with Command and Leadership coming in second with more training.  LOL.  Totally fun day.  If you are at all a fan of any of the Star Trek series you will enjoy this if it comes your way.  My hubby and I really only truly got into the Next Generation and yet totally enjoyed the whole thing.

4.  Timely scripture that lifts my spirits.  I've started these journal pages about once a week, or when I feel God is really speaking to me through a scripture, in an effort to remember scripture better and understand it and make it personal to me.  This was this last weeks scripture.  I love when it is timely and and speaks right to my life at the moment.  God does speak if only we are open to hear.

5.  Surprise visit.  I miss my adult children who have moved away terribly and am always happy to see them.  Friday night found my son walking in the door at 11:30 at night.  Stinker.  He gave no indication that he was coming at all.   But I'll take it!

Whew, it was a busy week so I'm glad that FFF purposefully pauses that busyness and makes me take note of the blessings of God.  What were your favorite moments or things from the last week?


Gattina said...

Apparently you have the same weather ! We also dropped from 30 to 11° the next day with rain ! I have never seen a Star Trek movie ! Your visit to Calgary must have been fun !

Faith said...

oh wow...your weather!!! well, yesterday and today we seem to have your rain...but thankfully bot your wind or cold temps. The first part of the week was perfect...sunny and temps in 70s F my fave!!

how fun to do the Star Trek thing! my oldest gal and my hubby love all things Trekkie and Klingon. Im gonna tell them about this. maybe it is a traveling thing and will come east to Boston or NYC...or heck ....maybe even up here in Albany!!

Yay for planting flowers and for the surprise visit from your boy and for God speaking to you through His Word.

happy weekend!!

Susanne said...

Faith: I think it is a travelling thing that goes to different science centers around the country?

Barbara H. said...

Wow, what a spring storm! Glad the plants and everything else were all ok. I like your little bike planter!

My family would LOVE that Star Trek encounter! I will look it up and see if it is coming here or near where my step-father lives.

I enjoyed seeing your Scripture journaling. I used to journal but stopped because I was spending more time on it than reading Scripture. But this looks like a great way to draw out the highlights without going on and on, as is my tendency.

nikkipolani said...

Busy but sounds like you had some wonderful memory-making times with your loved ones, too. That Trek sounds like a ton of fun. You'll have to get a phaser and keep practicing!

And your flowers look lovely. I do hope they survive your crazy weather.

Willow said...

That's quite a change in weather. I will not complain about my little shifts in temperature. I'm glad your flowers survived!

Did you almost shoot that stinker when he showed up in the house? or call the police about an intruder? LOL What a sweet surprise to have him visit.

The Star Trek exhibit sounds like a lot of fun.

ellen b said...

Now that late night visit appearance would be quite a surprise. Glad you had a fun visit.

Deb said...

Beautiful flowers! I love flowers of all kinds. The Star Trek experience sounds like a lot of fun. I love your scripture journal. You inspire me to try something like that in my journal! Yea for an unexpected visit from children. Family time is always the best and its so nice that your son came home for a visit! Sorry to be joining in so late, but have a great week!