Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday's Fave Five #421

Hi everyone and welcome to a very snowy March Friday.  At least in my neck of the woods.  Hard to believe at this moment that spring is right around the corner but hopefully old man Winter will have this last hurrah and then the warmth and sunshine will stick around.  This has been one long, snowy winter.  Especially when compared with the very mild one we had last year.  But though the weather might not make my favorites list this week, there is still blessings and good things to be found.  Please join in.

1.  Hard working hubby.  With all the snow we've had you can imagine how much shoveling we've had to do.  and I'm so very thankful for my hard working hubby who has been out there before my alarm even goes off shoveling and clearing the driveway and sidewalks.   I so appreciate everything like that that he does around the Living to Tell household.

2.  Homemade popcorn.  Along with being a grandmaster shoveler, ( is that a word?), hubby makes the best homemade popcorn in the world and this last weekend I was treated to a wonderful batch just the way I like it.  Yummy.

3.  Massage.  I so appreciate my massage therapist.  When I was young, I was involved in a car accident that made my neck and shoulders have some issues and this wonderful lady has really worked hard to get my back muscles all into good working order.  Sometimes I had such knots you could literally see the bump but with regular visits for massage and a regular exercise routine to strengthen those muscles, over time my back is much improved.

4.  Baby Shower.  A lady in my bible study group is going to become a grandma in a couple of months.  So we blessed her as a group by blessing her daughter and some of us attended the baby shower.  So fun to bless the new mommy and oooh and aaaah over all the pink stuff.   She knows she's having a girl.  Children are a blessing from the Lord and it's such a privilege to welcome another little one into the world.

5.  Goose Down Duvet.   Sure makes the bed comfy and cozy on these cold nights and we've really liked how warm it keeps us without a lot of weight to it.  Very glad we bit the bullet and got one after debating about it for years.  Don't know what took us so long.

What have your blessings been from the week?


Wendy said...

I am so glad we don't live somewhere that gets THAT much snow! Have a lovely weekend Suzanne

Faith said...

wow! and my in laws think it is bad enough living in New Emgkand with all their snow!! yikes.....please dont send it out here to NY...we have finally have had no snow in 4 weeks now and we wanna keep it that way! ( although temps are supposed to plummet again tonight).

yay for hard working husbands and therapists! homemade popcorn??! i havent had that in years!! YUMMY!

our thicker quilt is still on our bed too...I tend to take it off the end of April. Hopefully Spring will arrive on time!!! just another week or so!!

stay cozy this weekend!

Barbara H. said...

We've had really springlike weather for weeks now, except for being cold at night, but there is snow in the forecast for this weekend. Not totally unheard of in TN, but not the norm! I do hope it is winter's last hurrah and that we'll all have full-fledged spring after that.

I am blessed with a hard-working hubby as well, though we don't have nearly as much snow to deal with. They're the best!

Baby showers are always such fun. I don't think I had heard about your accident before. I'm sorry it is still having repercussions, but glad you have a good massage therapist to work out the knots.

nikkipolani said...

Snowy! We are the opposite with temps climbing to the 90s this weekend. Putting up umbrellas for the more tender plants. Pulling blankets off beds...

Your dear hubby is a blessing for all he does to keep your household moving along.

Good to hear that you have had an excellent therapist for regular massages. And congrats to the new gramma in your group!

Ann said...

You have made me hungry for good homemade popcorn!! I have a cousin who can fix popcorn like no one else. I love to have her come visit because she always makes us several big batches!!

ellen b said...

A great five! I can relate to #4!

Willow said...

Children truly are a blessing from the Lord. It will be fun to watch this new grandma enjoy her new blessing.

The massage therapist sounds wonderful. I'm sure I need one, too :)