Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday's Fave Five #417

Happy Friday everyone!  Ready to look for blessings and good things from your past week?  Then please join us as we list 5 of them.

1.  Whiplash weather.  Well after 18 inches of snow in two days this last weekend, and the night o' cold rivaling the north pole on Tuesday night, yesterday we had a balmy 5*C (41*F).  That's a warm up of, oh abou 47*C in 2 days?  Almost made me want to dig out the capris and tanks.  Gotta love southern Alberta.  And no Leonardo DiCaprio, it is not global warming as you went on a rant about, it is a chinook.  Ya might wanna look that up.  Anyhoo, I won't complain about it, I'll take it and it's going to be even nicer next week!  The only downside?  All that snow?  Yeah it's melting fast so everything is pretty slushy and muddy!  But it's warm!  
2.  Great read.  After lots of friends recommending the book The Forgotten Garden, I finally bumped it up on my TBR list and got around to reading it this last week.  It was hard to put down, that's for sure.  A very good, and heartbreaking story.  I really enjoyed it and was glad I made the time for it cause it is a chunky one for sure at 549 pages.  Full review to come.

3.  Banana Cream yogurt.  I discovered this yogurt this week and I am hooked.  It tastes like banana cream pie without the crust.  Because it is a yogurt that isn't plain it does have the sugar factor though so I'm going to keep it as a treat rather than a staple and have it for when I am craving a dessert.  At least that way I can tell myself that I'm getting calcium out of it.  :)

4.  Breakfast.  Never having been a big breakfast eater, with the exception of when I'm on holidays, I have found myself in the past months getting used to a good hearty breakfast.  Hubby has taken it upon himself to cook eggs for us most mornings and though at first I would only have a wee portion now I find I can eat a really good breakfast.  He makes them in various ways so we have variety and I try and add a good dose of some kind of veggies such as spinach or peppers or grape tomatoes.  It gets me all the way through until the afternoon before I am hungry again and it seems to make for a much better mood than just drinking coffee all morning and trying to get some energy from that.  It's also really nice having it cooked for me.  That's a two for one blessing right here.

5.  It's Friday.  It's been a bit of a hectic week with some extra stuff on my plate so I'm really glad it is the last working day and the weekend is upon us.

What were your favorite blessings this week?


Faith said...

how awesome that your hubby cooks breakfast every day! we all do our own M-F ( oatmeal, cerelas, toast, boiled egg, fruit) but often on Sats dave will make pancakes or an omeltte and i always appreciate that! our latest weekend breakfasts have been scrambled eggs with diced red peppers and cheese plus cinnamon bread real treat!!

will have to look up that book...the link brought me to some twitter oage about Leonardo!! hahha

glad things are warming up for you. right now temps are in the teens here...... brrr....and we got our first significant snow Wed nite to most of yesterday...7 inches!!!!

happy weekend.

Susanne said...

Fixed now, Faith Thanks for letting me know. :)

ellen b said...

Sounds like we all are having a "different than usual" winter. Or we forgot. :) Glad your hearty breakfast is carrying you through the day better. Hats off to dear hubby for coming up with the egg creations. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

Willow said...

I've been 'enjoying' some of that crazy weather with snow on the ground today. Hopefully, tomorrow it will warm up a bit. This CA girl isn't used to cold.

You have a great hubby--making breakfast every morning!

Have a great weekend!

Barbara H. said...

Wow, that's a quick weather change. No snow here, though it has been cold, but my son in RI got several inches with more to come next week.

I have to have some kind of protein with breakfast, or within an hour I am shaky and lightheaded. How nice to have someone make it for you! A good breakfast gets me through early afternoon, too.

Wendy said...

Strange weather indeed! I definitely think breakfast is really important. I never miss it. Hubby always brings me a cup of tea in the morning but he usually only cooks breakfast at the weekend. But as I'm at home all week I guess that's fair lol Have a good weekend.