Friday, December 09, 2016

Friday's Fave Five #409

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five!  I don't know where you are but here in Alberta we are in a deep freeze.  This morning was -31*C with the wind chill!  So as I type this on Thursday night I am cozied up with a blanket and a hot cup of chai tea.  I hope you are staying warm where you are!  And looking for the blessings in my life always warms my heart so perfect activity for right now.  Please join us!

Before we go farther I want to say sorry that I couldn't make it around to read your posts last week.  It was just that kind of weekend that turned into that kind of week and the next thing I knew it was Thursday and time to make a new FFF.  Hopefully this weekend will slow down a bit.

1.  Great results discovered quite by accident.  Last year I had found ribbon that I thought was sort of nice for the tree.  When I wrapped it around last year I was underwhelmed.  It was kinda of skinny and didn't show up all that much.  So this year I thought I would watch a few how to videos on youtube about how to do ribbon on your tree.  I found one method that I thought would be sort of neat and sounded doable here.   And what this video taught was to cut the ribbon.  Yup cut it into 2 1/2 - 3 ft. lengths.  So I went for broke and cut the ribbon.  Then I noticed that the ribbon had some stretch to it that I hadn't noticed before so I stretched it's width and low and behold it became twice as wide and naturally fell into this amazing twist!  I became almost giddy with excitement.  Here's how it looks on the tree:

Hopefully you can get an idea.  And now my tree is done.  Except for my son's decorations and he'll put those on himself when he comes home for the holiday.

It's finally starting to look like Christmas around the Living to Tell household.

2.  Devotions that speak right to the heart of what I need.  I've had a couple of morning devotions this week have just really spoken exactly what I needed.  I really like the encouragement that that brings.  

3.  Furnaces and heating.  With the sudden onset of frigid temps here, I am very thankful for heating in the house.  Something I never want to take for granted.  

4.  Big, fluffy duvets.  With the deep freeze it was time to change out my lighter duvet with the big winter one.  It is so comfortable and warm.  The only trouble is now it's even harder to get out of bed in the morning.

5.  Going simpler.  This year I have gone quite a bit simpler with the Christmas decorating.  Maybe because I've had a bit of a tough week emotionally it just seemed easier.  As it is what I did do seemed to take forever.  But it's finally looking festive around here and I'm liking the more simplified version.

What have been the top 5 blessings of your week?


Faith said...

I also went with a mkre simple, minimal look this year! I posted my pics on FB.

Your tree looks so pretty! Ive only done ribbon once and it was just ok! Imwill need to look at that video!!

Wow my husband just told me what your temp is! ( i can never remmeber the math to make the change from fahrenheit to celcius. haha)
we have had temps in the 40s(f) here mostmof the week but today is supposed to get much colder.

Have a cozy restful weekend!

Barbara H. said...

We've had temperatures in the 20's (F) here - I am very grateful for central heating as well. I like the way your ribbon twists and drapes on the branches. What a blessing when devotions really hit the needed spot like that

nikkipolani said...

Roomie and I have gone simpler with the Christmas decorations in the last two years or so and it feels good. I'm glad you're enjoying the festive look without the extra extra effort.

I love that your fives are full of cozy comfort for the spirit as well as body -- good timing for the week you've had.

Jerralea said...

Wow, I never thought about looking on YouTube for decorating ideas... where have I been?

Your tree looks lovely, especially in front of your windows with the outdoor lights shining through!

I'm all about simpler decor, too.

Keep warm, my friend!

Gattina said...

It looks cosy christmassy in your house. I am just ready to leave Egypt in 30° with several layers on me for arrival in cold Brussels!

Ann said...

Beautiful decorations!

Karen said...

Your tree is lovely. It probably won't surprise you that I have white lights and red ribbon on mine, too. LOL! I like the idea of cutting the ribbon into pieces. I have two long pieces that are "crimped' with pipe cleaner every couple of feet (Pinterest idea). I think this is it's third year, so it's getting a bit raggedy. May have to do something else next year.

Happy Advent, Susanne:)