Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday's Fave Five #403

Hi everyone!  Welcome to a gorgeous fall friday.  Time to look back through the week and find our 5 favorite blessings.  Please join us.

1.  Warm days.  We have had a lovely few days in a row of  fall weather.  Breezes, not howling winds, warm enough to just wear a sweater or hoodie, mix of cloud and sun.  The trees in the backyard turned a gorgeous gold and with the gusts of breeze they have been flying.  The kids love it.  Lots of fun times jumping in and running through the piles.

2.  Gentle fall rains.  We've had a bit of rain in the night over the last couple days too.  I love the smell of the rain on the leaves and in the fall air.  So fresh and nice.  No candle or wax melt scent even comes close.

3.  Turkey soup.  I was waiting for the perfect fall day to make a big pot of turkey soup from the turkey carcass I froze from Thanksgiving.  Yesterday was the day!  I'm a soup girl from way back, eating my mom's soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner until it was gone.  Paired with harvati/jalapeno grilled cheese sandwiches it was an easy, quick and yummy fall dinner!

4.  Phone calls from my friend.  She moved last year and I haven't seen her since.  Then she had to take a job where we just had a hard time connecting our available times.  But this week she starts a new job where we can once again find it easier to find corresponding times and I got a call from her today.  It was so nice to talk once again for an extended time instead of the short snatches we were doing before.

5.  Date night with hubby.  Using a gift card he had gotten from the kids for Father's Day we got to go have a wonderful steak dinner, just the two of us.  Lately we've always been going out with other couples, and while I really, really love that,  it was really nice that it was just the two of us this time.  The steaks were perfect and we had a lovely time!  Bonus was having most of the meal already paid for!  Thanks kids!

What were your favorite blessings from the week?


Gattina said...

We have the same weather here and the trees start to striptease ! I don't like soup at all, only when it is really thick and the spoon can stand (or almost).
Nice that you and hubby go out to a restaurant, mine since his retirement doesn't want to go out anymore, only on very special occasions, that means when our son is coming to celebrate a birthday ! And even then we have to drag him out of the house, lol ! Apparently it's normal that men change after retirement !

Faith said...

Date nights and time to talk with a good friend are true blessings! So happy you got to do both this past week.

Yay for warm autumn days (we have the opposite today) and golden leaves...always a fave of mine, too.

YUM! I'm a huge soup it simmering in the crockpot all day. Makes the house smell heavenly.

Happy Weekend!

Barbara H. said...

I'm not sure why my link includes a title from a book I reviewed a while back - I had just deleted a different title that automatically showed up when I went to enter my info. into Mr. Linky. I didn't see a way to correct it, but the link does go to this week's FFF.

Beautiful weather here, too - love these in-between fall days. And I like gentle rain so much better than thunderstorms.

Turkey soup is one of my favorite turkey leftover dishes!

Funny how long phone calls from a friend used to be a regular thing, but there just doesn't seem to be time any more. I need to make the time.

Yay for date nights!

ellen b said...

Those leaves are a familiar sight! Dear just got back from the big box store with extra leaf bags as all our bins have filled up with the myriad of leaves that have fallen. Turkey soup, phone call from a friend and a nice date night all sound very nice. Have a good weekend.

nikkipolani said...

Lovely "artified" image of your kids enjoying the leaves at play time. You are settling nicely into all the autumnal goodness. What a gift to have some time out just with your beloved.

Willow said...

What fun those kids are obviously having! Playing in the leaves is the best, even better than playing in snow.
Hurray for a date night and it was paid for!
Enjoy the weekend and some more gentle rain (I write that as I listen to the rain falling here--yes, here!)

Susan said...

Love all the gold from your trees. Jumping in leaves is an ages old fun time! How great that your kiddos have that opportunity.

SOUP!!! I am a soup girl, too. Although I am not very good at making it. Turkey soup and your fancy grilled cheese sandwiches sound like a perfect fall dinner.

I love having "alone" time with my fave people too. Happy for you that you had such a time with your hubby. Sure was an added bonus that your meal was mostly paid for.

Have a great week, Susanne.

Ann said...

Well, we've had several cooler days, and are so glad for them!

I had a date night with hubby also this week - actually, a couple of them. Always nice and enjoyable.

Wendy said...

Always fun to have a date night. Have a lovely weekend.

Kathie said...

SO lovely you could get with your hubby. Going to a steak house is my favourite. we have an awesome (expensive) steak house in Ch'town - it's a once a year event for Roger and me.

Those kids look like they're having a great time in the leaves!

Hope you're enjoying a realxing weekend Susanne Thanks again for hosting FFF!

Deb said...

Simple things are the best -gentle fall rains, date night with hubby, a call from a special friend. I love it! What a great week!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I just love this season...children playing in leaves, yummy soup...and a date night is always a fun bonus.