Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday's Fave Five #402

It's Friday, time for Friday's Fave Five.  After my big no show of last week, I definitely was watching what day it was this week.  Not sure what went on but I just did not get back to do a post but this is a fresh week so dusting myself off and doing it right.  Please join us as  we look for and note 5 of the week's blessings.

1.  Great discussion on the topic of kindness.  Tuesday night at ladies study we had a very good discussion on the topic of kindness and setting ourselves to a higher standard.  Wow, some of the honesty, insights and wisdom that came from the ladies of my group was phenomenal.  There were many great takeaways and encouragements in our endeavors to make kindness a greater part of our lives.  I am so blessed to have them and to have a group that is not afraid to be honest and open and vulnerable. 

2.  $30 coupon with no minimum purchase.  A clothing store in town had a great offer on: purchase $70 and get the aforementioned coupon to come in this week to spend on anything you wanted.  I was in there  originally to buy a pair of workout pants which I needed (and which happened to be 40% off...a double blessing), so I added a belt which I really did need and a scarf.  Okay, I admit, I didn't need the scarf but when I saw it my need for a tartan scarf in my wardrobe came to light and I couldn't leave it behind.  Anyway, that allowed me to go back this week and after trying a bazillion things on, which was half the fun, I actually walked out of that store choosing a shirt that was actually $29.90 so I didn't owe a red cent and walked away with a totally free item.  And if you read this blog you know this girl loves free!  

3.  The latest book from my favorite author.  Oh my goodness.  Another great story from Charles Martin.  I'm not going to say too much because my full review is coming this weekend but boy oh boy.  This one was so good.  So much depth and emotion.  It's a modern day retelling of the prodigal son and let's just say I need to restock my kleenex supply.  

4.  A fresh pot of coffee ready and waiting for me every morning.  My dear hubby is the earlier riser in our family and he always has coffee ready made for me when I get up.  In fact, when he hears me heading for the bathroom, he pours it and puts the cream in it and it's ready to do it's magic as soon as I stumble into the kitchen.  No waiting half asleep for a pot to brew or digging around with my eyes glued shut to pour my own cup.  This may be small to some but for me it is huge in the mornings.  I am so not a morning person.  

5.  Moments of refreshing.  In a hectic week I have been very appreciative of snatches of refreshing here and there through out my day.  That perfect song on the radio, that opportunity for an extra cup of coffee with my feet up, that walk around a few blocks with my hubby and dog, a few moments of beautiful sunrise to enjoy before all the kids arrive.  These are just a few of the little blessings in the midst of sometimes chaotic days that God knows my soul needs and provides at just the right times.  They are moments of reprieve, of taking that breather,  getting reenergized.  It is these that I am trying to take more notice of and be thankful for.  

What were your favorite blessings from the week?


Willow said...

#1--I'd love it if you would share a couple of encouraging statements about kindness--love collecting great quotes.
#4! Oh yes! My hubby does the same thing except he substitutes almond milk for the cream :) I too so appreciate that cup ready and waiting.
#3--hurray for FREE!

Gattina said...

I think a group of women talking about a special subject is always very nice and in a way helps you too ! Mr. G also prepares my coffee when he hears that I am getting up ! I also appreciate very much !

Susan said...

I love it when you post a book recommendation. I popped over and requested it from my library. So soon I will be enjoying the same book and thinking about you, Susanne.

It is good to read about your week. I missed you.

Kindness is such a needed attribute today especially with all the harsh words bouncing around social media. How cool that you have a group of ladies to grow with.

It truly is appreciating the little things that can make life great. I have a quote on my post that says something like that.

Have a a great week.

Faith said...

your fave listmis full of hoy this week, Susanne!!!

oh boy, yet another book for the to read list...and i just took out THREE from the library yesterday.😀❤️

being part of an honest, open, authentic small group with other Christians is so vital...and so appreciated.

love a sale and guess what! i found a tartan scarf for less than $20 this week and was super glad i happened to be there for the sale!

enjoy your weekend and may you have many coffee, book and walk moments.

Barbara H. said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I wondered if that was part of throwing last week off. Holidays, much as I love them, tend to do that for me.

Like someone else said, I'd love to hear some of the insights on kindness. It's something we know we need in general but sometimes forget to apply in everyday life. It's great to have a group like that.

Great deals! I love both good coupons and good sales.

That looks like a good book - will have to look for it. That's so sweet of your husband.

A big amen to #5. We're at a time in our lives when we can't get away for a bigger vacation or even a full day, so I have come to appreciate even more those times of refreshing God sprinkles through my day just when I need them.

ellen b said...

I have an in house coffee person, too. It is great to hear the coffee grinder going when he hears me get up. Glad you had refreshing moments during the week. I so enjoy free, too. Hope you have a great weekend.

nikkipolani said...

Thinking of your first fave... A colleague had his notebook open with this reminder he'd written at the top: Be good to people. I thought it was a great way to set the tone for the day.

Having read several Charles Martin books at your recommendation, I will definitely keep a Kleenex box handy for this one!

Loving #5 - we need those quiet blessings don't we?

Wendy said...

Kindness can so easily be overlooked with the busy lives so many of us lead so a nice reminder. Free goods - works for me. And I will steal your #4 as that's one of my blessings too - only tea not coffee. Have a great weekend.

Kathie said...

So glad you're enjoying your small group!

I need to check that book out. I like Charles Martin too.

Thanks for mentioning those moments of refreshing - so often they pass by without my saying thanks. You've reminded me!

PS 0 I notice no snow! It's 21C here - can you believe it??

Deb said...

Thanks for sharing the good things in your week. That book sounds like one I would like. I read another retelling of the prodigal son by Richard Paul Evans, so I think I would like this one as well. I love the great deal you got on your clothing. Have a great weekend.