Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday's Fave Five #398

It was a cold, dreary and wet first day to autumn this week.  Just perfect to cosy up with a hot cup of tea and find some good things to think about.  Join us in reflecting on the blessings from the past week and sharing 5 of them.

1.  Challenge completed.  My mom, who was a wonderful cook of Hungarian foods, used to make Silvas Gomboc (Plum Balls) for us every year when it was plum season.  It was a favorite meal of mine and still is.  Every year of my married life she has gifted us with a pan of these heavenly balls of goodness.  Except the last half dozen or so.  She just is unable to stand for that length of time that it takes to make these.  Like any great European dish it takes time to make these.   So they have always been intimidating to me.  The time it takes and that her recipe is from an old Hungarian recipe book where everything is measure in decagrams and other measurements we just don't used here made her translating  quite the process and it seemed so difficult.  Those two things and the fact that I just don't cook anything that requires the use of a rolling pin pretty much hooped me.  But thanks to the wonderful thing called the internet, I found a recipe which made it sound fairly doable.   So with a few tweeks to make it more like hers...voila!  My first ever attempt at one of my favorite dishes ever.  With a bit more practice using that bane of my existence, the rolling pin,  hopefully it will get just as good as hers.  I think I'll post the recipe sometime next week.

  Sorry, couldn't help myself...took a bite before it occurred to me to take a pic for the ol' blog.

2.  Family Reunion.  Last weekend Hubby's side of the family held a reunion.  We hadn't had one for about 9 years.  It was really nice to see everyone and catch up and meet some new relatives too. There were about 45 of us there and yet some were missing.  There was much catching up, lots of laughter, and lots and lots of eating.  Unfortunately, none of my pictures are great as the anit-shake somehow got turned off on my camera.  Bummer, but the memories are great.

3.  All kids home.  Along with the reunion, my two oldest were also in their respective friends wedding parties last weekend so the family was all home.  We didn't get to spend too much time together, snatches of a few minutes here and there, but just the fact that we were all home did this mama's heart good.

4.  Taking out the fall decorations.  I love the fall colors so am always happy to put out the fall decor.  I'm keeping it super simple this year but the bits of oranges, rusts, yellows, reds and browns just make me happy.

5.  Getting cosy with throws.  It has been cool enough over the last couple days that it required getting out the thicker, fluffier throws.  I love using them relaxing with a good book or watching tv.  

What were your favorite blessings this last week?


Faith said...

I posted about a challenge completion too Susanne!! Only mine is vastly different...HAHA. I've never heard of plum balls although I do enjoy eating fresh plums when they are in season (For us in NY that means anytime after early June and up until Halloween). I also wrote about autumn decor...LOVE it.....sounds like you had an enjoyable weekend of the family home and the huge family reunion. Those are always fun to catch up with folks on all the news, etc. I hope you have a marvelous weekend. (our first day of fall was 82 degrees, NO humidity so perfect for another day of walking along the river and getting started on my kitchen project with all the windows open and lots of sunshine.).

Barbara H. said...

I'd not heard of plum balls - but they look good! So glad you found a workable recipe.

Family reunions are so fun. It was great your kids were there last weekend, too - as you say, even if there is not a lot of time together, those small snatches do a mom's heart good.

It's still not feeling much like fall here yet, but I am taking it on faith that it will soon since it is official now.

Lynette said...

Couple days of Fall weather, temps. going up this weekend. I did my house couple of weeks, couldn't wait to make the house cozy. Never heard of plum balls, congrats on making them.

nikkipolani said...

Finding a recipe for an old family favorite is terrific. My mom doesn't use recipes, so like you, I'm thankful for the internet! So glad you got to spend some time with all your kids if only moments at a time. And it sounds like you were able to sneak in some relaxing time with your fall colors and cozy.

ellen b said...

Yippee for trying that old family recipe. I know what you mean about some family recipes. I still have a few to get brave enough to try. I love the change of weather from summer to fall. Glad the family reunion was a success and fun. Have a great weekend.

Gattina said...

The plum balls look delicious ! Looks as if you had a nice week !

Ann said...

Plum balls look delicious!!

Willow said...

Wow, I can see how busy you were last weekend! The family home and the reunion on the same weekend makes for crazy busyness, for sure.
Plum balls--I'm going to look up a recipe to see what's in them.
And cozy throws--YES!

Jerralea said...

It was great that you got to see so much family - and your KIDS - in one week!

I never heard of plum balls. either. Kudos to you for taking a stab at it!

I love fall colors and throws, too. It looks like next week might be our turn to experience some of it.

Happy Fall!

Wendy said...

The plum balls look good and it's aways nice to have the family around. Have a good week.

Kathie said...

Yikes! I forgot to comment here :)

Never heard of plum balls but if there anything like plum rolls I think I'd love them!

We had a gorgeous start to fall here on the east coast but it's definitely turned cooler.I enjoy it though. Our summer was very humid so it's nice to have that clear air.

Lovely to have those family times!

Hope you're having a great weekend Susanne! Thanks again for hosting.