Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday's Fave Five #377

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  Time to look back over the week and find the blessings.  Those that are obvious and those a bit more hidden.  Join us in sharing 5 of them.  If you are new, please read the guidelines linked in the sidebar.  

1.  Really, really loved this post.  She put to words so well how I sometimes feel.  It's not always the big grand stuff (though that is fun and also needed) or the stuff that societal norm tells us should be a great relationship (tough there is great advice out there)  but it's in the connecting and bonding, sometimes in the everyday of where we are in our lives at this time.  And if we're grumping that the situation is not matching our great expectations all the time we could totally miss the blessing that is laid out before us.

2.  Eat your vegetables chips.  My new favourite snack.  Yum!

3.  Homemade soup.  Ever since I was a kid I've loved homemade soup of pretty much any kind.  This week I took a turkey carcass left from our last turkey dinner and made a big batch of turkey soup.  I put spiral pasta in to make it a bit more substantial and made some Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits.  Delicious warming dinner on a cold rainy day.

4.  Hiding at home weekend.  I really, really needed just to hole up at home, not go anywhere, not have any responsibilities.  The only place I went was to the gym and to get a few groceries.  The rest of the time I just putzed around doing this and that, reading lots, watched a couple of movies.  It was just thing to get me rejuvenated.

5.  Friends with big hearts and listening ears.  Such a blessing to find those who are there to listen when you need it and encourage you on.  I never take that for granted.

What were your 5 favourite blessings of the last week?


Willow said...

Yes, we need those friends. I read an article this week which discussed how men and women need friends, not just spouses. Very encouraging--friends help us so much!
Oh your weekend sounds perfect. I could use one of those right now :)

Wendy said...

Home made soup is the best. Yes a down time weekend is necessary now and again. Enjoy this weekend :)

Monica said...

I too enjoy weekends at home. They are few and far between right now so I think I am long over due for one. My family likes soups that I make from scratch. However, I must find a healthier way to make them. Most of mine are creamy with high calories. :) Hope your weekend is relaxing and enjoyable!

Barbara H. said...

I so agree with that post. I get upset with marriage articles that say you "have" to have date nights - implying "out" -- to have a healthy marriage. I think sometimes that just heaps up guilt and frustration instead of encouraging couple to enjoy those quiet, ordinary moments together.

I will have to look for those chips! And I didn't know you could find those cheddar-bay biscuits in a mix. I've seen recipes for them but haven't tried them. I love homemade soup as well - pure comfort food.

I had a similar weekend, or at least a Sunday. Sometimes we just need those to regroup.

Amen to good friends.

Karen said...

Great post about finding joy in the ordinary moments of relationships. As I get older, those are the times I look forward to the most. Those Red Lobster biscuits are the best. I have some ham in the freezer for split pea soup. Will have to remember to pick up a box of mix to go with it. This will be a good weekend for soup, as we're expecting sleet and rain for a few more days. Your weekend sounds lovely. Looking forward to something similar tomorrow:)

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Susanne, thank you for hosting!
I read Marquette's post and she is right, it's a good thing to learn early on in a marriage/relationship that daily life is not exciting most of the time!
We've been married for 46 years and we're still working on 'making' special moments out of the ordinary. Real life is not like the movies!

As we move into Autumn on my side of the world - soup becomes a regular meal for us too - your Turkey Soup dish sounds great!


Gattina said...

For the moment I just want to do nothing and wait until it gets warmer ! I never liked any soup bad for Mr.G !