Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday's Fave Five #368

Updated to add a picture.  I didn't realize that though uploaded I didn't actually put the kid's picture into the post.  Sheesh.  Too much on my mind, posting too late at night and a seriously bad case of no proof-reading!

It's time for Friday's Fave Five.  Looking back on our week and finding the good things that uplift us and bring us joy and being grateful for those blessings is a discipline that helps us get through the tougher times and makes us thankful.  Please join in with us.

1.  We're gonna have a wedding!  If you haven't heard the big news, I got to announce this week that my oldest baby, by Kimberly, is getting married.  I finally got to tell the big news after being sworn to secrecy for more than a week while they told everyone they needed to tell.  Whew, that was hard let me tell you!   And the wedding is at Easter, as in one month away Easter.  So I'm going to be extremely scarce around the internet.  There is just too much wonderful stuff to be done!

(ignore the manicure or lack thereof, she just shot me off a quick picture after having the ring sized and I totally pirated it for this picture)

2.  New fur baby in the house.  Except he's not much of a baby.  Four years old, he's quite the sweetie.  He's my younger daughter's lovely orange cat.  She rescued him from the shelter and what a lovely kitty he is.  So mellow and easy going with both our dog and the dayhome kids.  

3.  Treated out to lunch.  Friends surprised Hubby and I by treating us out to lunch after church on Sunday.  Yummy food shared with great company.  I always love that!

4.  Encouraging words.  I know I use this one a lot for FFF but it really is a favourite thing because words are such an important thing in people's lives.  It can really build a person up and that is exactly what I got this week at the perfect time.

5.  Laughs with my youngest.  She's got such a fun loving side and a great sense of humour.

What were your favourite blessings this week?


Gattina said...

Congratulations ! your daughter is getting married ! She must be quite young, here the girls are getting married later and later mostly never before 30 ! Can imagine that you have a lot to do. What a cute cat ! Ginger cats usually have a very good character.

nikkipolani said...

That #1 takes the cake, Susanne! Many congratulations and many good wishes for all the details to fall into place! I guess while you're adding to the family, you've added a cat, too ;-) So cute!

A timely word of encouragement is like good medicine, isn't it?

Faith said...

congrats again to Kimberly and her guy! what fun you will have!

ah choo! i would be sneezing around that adorable cat!!

encouraging words and lunch with friends are always a fave

Ann said...

We have an engagement also!! Check out my FFF for the details there. Congratulations to your daughter!!

Barbara H. said...

So exciting! I understand perfectly being scarce with wedding planning going on, especially with only a month to get ready. Busy but fun!

It's wonderful the cat gets on so well with family and dayhome kids.

Encouraging words do greatly minister to us. This is a reminder to me to share them more often.

Being treated to lunch and laughing with family rounds out your 5 perfectly.

ellen b said...

Well I'd say you are going to be busy with one month to pull off a wedding. Just put your seat belt on and enjoy the ride! Praying that all the details will fall into place and there will be lots of joy!

Vicky Bastedo said...

I really love those double doors. Is that stained glass? Beautiful!

Willow said...

Congratulations! How exciting! It will be fun. When life gets a bit crazy, just sit down and pet that sweet kitty.

Karen said...

Sounds like you are off and running with the wedding plans! Have fun!

Mary said...

Congratulations on the wedding! I'm beginning to wonder if I'm ever going to gain a DIL!