Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday's Fave Five #363

Welcome to the last Friday's Fave Five for the month of January 2016.  Let's take a look back over the week and remember some of those things that have uplifted us and blessed us.  

1.  This totally cracked me up.  Shared by JoLynne Shane.  Nothing like a good chuckle in the middle of the day.

2.  A great deal always makes my fave list.  I've been needing a coat for those not warm but not super cold days.  I saw one I liked last fall but at a price of $150 I was not willing to bite.  Then last week I saw the store had a huge sale on coats online.  And there was the coat I had been looking at.  My size was not available in the local store but it was online.  So I bought it, had it shipped to the store so I didn't have to pay shipping costs, and it's already in and waiting.  So between the clearance price and an additional 15 %, providing it fits and looks great, this coat is costing me a grand total of $33.99.    Yup, you read that right.  Keeping my fingers crossed!!  (And if it doesn't, I don't have to purchase it.  Now how can I lose on that sale?!)

3.  Boxing workout.  At Curves, which is the gym I belong to, they have added a boxing component.  And it's been great fun and highly motivating.  I like mixing up the workouts...keeps them from getting boring and keeps me from stagnating.  It makes me use my mind as well as my muscles because you have to learn the moves so I have to concentrate.   

4.  Naptime in dayhome.   This has been an absolute blessing this week as it's been very hectic in dayhome, some of the kid's aren't feeling great, and last night I didn't get much sleep for some reason.  So nap and quiet time today made me very, very happy!

5.  My Son's birthday!  He turned 24 this week.  I can hardly believe it.  Unfortunately, he is in school so is not at home to celebrate.  But it was fun to get his birthday package together and send it off, talk to him on the phone and then make his favourite traditional taco dinner he always asks for in spite of the fact that he wouldn't be here to partake of it.  It was a small consolation knowing his friends took him out for tacos to celebrate.

What were your favourite blessings this week?


Willow said...

You have much better luck than I with the online shopping. The jeans I ordered don't fit. :(
Happy Birthday to your boy! And happy day when you can rest while the little ones nap!

Gattina said...

I never dared to buy clothes online I am not certain if they would fit because the sizes in different countries are often not the same. I have a 42 in Belgium and a 46 in Italy !
Yes kids grow quickly mine is now 42 !! An old man !

Faith said...

happy birthday to your handsome son! hm....maybe we should introduce my Courtney to your boy...we are praying for a Christian guy to come along­čśť( wink wink!!)

seriously, loved your faves and inwrote abput a clearance sale too!! it's that time of the season for sure.

have a wonderful quiet time today!!

happy weekend.

Barbara H. said...

I had not seen the Instagram husband video before - I know some people whom this would fit perfectly, LOL!

Happy birthday to your son! Glad you got to make contact on his day, and how fun to make his favorite dinner to enjoy even if he couldn't be there.

What a great deal on the coat! I've had a few things ordered online that don't fit, but generally they fit fine. Hope your does!

Naptime was always a haven in my day when the kids were little.

ellen b said...

Oh how I love such a bargain as that. Yippee for you and a new coat! Good for you for keeping up a fitness plan. Happy birthday to your dear boy!

nikkipolani said...

Great smile-inducing faves this week, Susanne! Love that sale just when you need it and at a price you love. Happy birthday to your son -- 24! Sometimes it's good not to do too much math ;-)

Shaheen said...

Bargains are fab, but I must admit I would be so nervous buying something online. My first time linking.

Jerralea said...

I am cracking up at the Instagram husband!

Yay for naptime. I'm always up for that.

Happy birthday to your handsome 24 year old son.

I'm planning on posting but am having an issue with getting my pictures posted. Maybe later!

Schotzy said...

what a great bargain... I know I will see a coat in a catalogand think that is exactly waht I would love, but by the time it comes to sale time they never have my size... so I wash my old coat and hope I can get another season out of it. I love you son's photo with his dog... so cute... kids so grow up so fast... our daughter turned 30 this year.... she will always be my baby!

Mary said...

That video is hilarious! :)
Happy birthday to your son!!!