Friday, October 02, 2015

Fridays's Fave Five # 348

Good Morning!  It's Friday today and that means time to look, recognize and be thankful for the good things, the blessings, the things that uplifted us during the week.  Please join us even if you are having a hard week.  This week for me was super busy and a bit stressful and it was easy for me to get bogged down in negativity...but the FFF helps me to get past all that and take note that there was good in the midst of all that!  Please join in!

So in no particular order

1.  Jalepeno Cheese Bagels.  A silly one but seriously one of my favourite treats. And the Costco here and the Tim Horton's both make excellent ones.  Of course, it needs to be toasted and spread with garlic herb cream cheese!  Sometimes for breaky, sometimes for lunch.  Yum.  Better stop talking about it now 'cause I am out of them at the moment.

2.  Last batch of tomatoes from the garden.  This last week we enjoyed the last of the tomato crop from my 3 plants in my mom's garden.  It has been plentiful and so delicious.  It doesn't compare to the sad, unripe, tasteless ones in the store.  I will miss them, for sure.

3.  Movie night out with the ladies bible study.  We skipped out of the study and went and saw War Room on study night instead.  It may not have been in the Hollywood block buster category but it was a good film and provided for  much conversation afterwards.  I love when a movie does that.

4.  A gift from a friend.  Just when I needed some encouragement a friend (from study group) handed me a totally unexpected and most precious gift.  It was a real lifter upper, if there is such word, for me.  I don't know what I would do without good friendships in my life or my study group ladies.  Over and over I'm shown we cannot do this life alone and how important connections with others beyond surface aquaintance-ship is.

5.  Tea in the evening.  As the evenings get cooler, the tea pot calls my name.  I really enjoy a nice hot cup of tea in the evenings.  I've really gotten to love the loose leaf kind and have several varieties to choose from.  Organic Peppermint is a favourite stand by but I've also been enjoying Lemon Meringue and Bluberry Lagoon.  Pina Colada and Creamsicle is next on my list to try.  It's relaxing and fragrant and cozy.

What were your favourite blessings this week?


Gattina said...

Yes a hot cup of tea is very welcome now ! Only I drink it late afternoons and not in the evenings ! Sad to say, but winter is on the doorsteps !

Barbara H. said...

I have heard War Room is really good - need to see it some time. I enjoyed reading about your lifter-upper. :-) Good, thoughtful friends are a treasure.

Faith said...

hot tea is what i like when it is the dead of winter�� i love your faves list this week!! yay for friends and special gifts!!

Willow said...

Tea on a cool evening is exactly right! My favorite is a chamomile mix. Aren't friends who know just when to encourage you the best?

nikkipolani said...

I felt similarly about War Room. Definitely a discussion starter -- and just the kind of Christian movie I like -- to get Christians thinking and talking and considering.

So sad to say goodbye to tasty tomatoes. Isn't it amazing how tasteless red fruit can be from the store? :-( At least you have bagels and tea that will never be out of season!

Susan said...

Where do you get your loose leaf tea? The lemon meringue is something I would be most interested to try. My fave teas are Sweet & Spicy (it gives a big cinnamon jolt) and English Breakfast. Several years ago I did a series "21 Days of Tea." I tried every tea in my tea drawer, created tea-related crafts and baked a few tea treats.

I saw War Room two weeks ago with some friends. I LOVE the emphasis on prayer, especially faithful prayer and mentoring. It provided a lot of conversation topics for us as well.

I LOVE toasted bagels with cream cheese. Your new fave sounds intriguing and makes me wish I had some in the house right NOW.

Have a great week, Susanne.

Evie said...

Wonderful choices

ellen b said...

A great round up of blessings this week Susanne! Have a wonderful weekend.

Tori Leslie said...

I love your list. Last batch of tomatoes from the garden, love it! Thank the Lord for good, giving friends!!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I love tea on a cool evening also. Our weather has turned finally and things are getting much cooler.

Deb said...

I am joining with you late - but better late than never. I had been wondering about that movie, so I appreciate your "mini-review." Have a great week.