Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday's Fave Five #346

Hello and Welcome!  So sorry I am up late with the FFF linky.  I am so mixed up on my days this week!  It didn't hit me until I was waking up this morning that today is Friday and not Thursday as I was thinking it was going to be. But with all the time in the world to reflect...or not... it is still a good thing to look for the good things, the blessings in our lives from the past week.  Thanks for being so faithful with me!  I'll give it a start and put up the Linky but will probably have to come back a little later this morning to finish my own post.

1.  A ladies evening out.  My friend and I went to a local decor design store which also carries an awesome little section full of scarves, jewellry, stylin' rubber boots and purses.  They were having a ladies event and had a scarf stylist there to teach how to wear some of the different scarves.  Plaid is really in the thing this fall and winter apparently.  Lots of fun.  I went to get a plaid scarf, love plaid, but ended up with something totally different but lovely all the same.  And the prices were reasonable, not something I was expecting from a design store.  And even though I drooled over several of the purses, you will be so proud of me that I walked out of there with nary a one.  But the blessing was in the time spent with my friend and the chat over tea afterwards.

2.  A last hurrah day trip to Waterton.  The mountains are my happy place as I've mentioned several times before on the blog.  But shock of all shocks, I have never been there in the fall.  I know it's the very beginning of fall right now but there was still some lovely turning of the leaves.  It was a perfect day with perfect weather.  Did some walking of trails we've never tried before though it was a tiny bit nerve wracking because it is bear season where bears are bolder looking for berries to gorge on stocking up for their hibernation.  One path we took, Cameron Lake,  even has a grizzly area sign at the beginning of the path.  We were fairly confident though, that we wouldn't run into one as the path was soooo busy.

Look, Faith, how would you love to kayak here?!
Cameron Lake - Wateron Lakes National Park

I can never get enough of the gorgeous scenery at Waterton Lakes National Park!

3.  Ladies Group kick off.  My ladies bible study group takes a break over the summer so it was really nice to get back with these ladies.  They are so much fun and it's a great privilege getting to lead this group.  We had a potluck dinner which is always delicious.   I'm looking forward to all we'll learn and explore this year out of the Word of God.

4.  Cool nights and sunny days.  This is the way I love it.  The nights cool off, though, it has been quite crisp this last week.  All of Alberta had a frost warning out the other night, but I don't mind.  The days warm right back up.  It's definitely layered dressing time.  Fall is my favourite season.

5.  And speaking of fall season, the fall scents,  are definitely a fave with me.  Everything from the smell of the air, the falling leaves, and of course fall scented candles.  My current fave that I'm burning is Pumpkin Apple from Bath and Body Works.  

What are your favourites from the last week?


Anonymous said...

The days of this week have turned me all around, too! I am impressed that you managed to depart that fun ladies' event purse-less. What discipline! And that you had your last hurrah bear-less ;-) See you again later today.

Barbara H. said...

The store outing sounds fun! I am clueless about how to wear scarves. Glad you didn't find any berry-seeking bears on your walk!

Karen said...

I would love to learn how to change up my scarves. Your girls night out sounds like such fun.

What a beautiful place to hike. I'm hoping we'll get up to the mountains to see the leaves in the next couple weeks. I just have to set a date and do it! or they'll be gone before we know it.

The pumpkin apple candle sounds delicious. A good excuse to go to B&B.

Have a wonderful weekend, Susanne:)

Gattina said...

A pity that you haven't seen a bear (lol) ! Indeed this place looks gorgeous. I hate the smell of autumn, I wished I would be a bear and retire now in a hole and come out when it is spring !

PS Why don't you schedule your posts ? That's what I am always doing, sometimes I write a post when I have time and schedule it for 1 to 2 days later when the theme comes up !

ellen b said...

Waterton is so beautiful. I can see why you like going there. The photos are lovely Susanne. Have a wonderful weekend!

Jerralea said...

I'm like you - loving the weather and the scents this time of year.

Love your photos! Waterton looks like a wonderful place to go.

Faith said...

oh my goodness I would totally love to kayak AND hike there!!!! great list of faves. still summer trmps here with not much color yet other than green!

Willow said...

That park looks like the perfect place to hike (and kayak!). I love November and December here. September and October are super hot weather, high winds and fire season here.

Susan said...

What a lovely place to hike.And how fun to get to hike it in the fall. I love looking at the colourful leaves and hope to take a trip sometime to see a full scale landscape with fall leaves. So glad you didn't run into a bear. I have done so once, but luckily we freaked each other out and ran in opposite directions!

What restraint to not come home with a new purse. They sure are FUN to drool over. Maybe you could show us a photo of you in your new scarf. I just got rid of mine as I don't wear them. I have no fashion sense and feel silly wearing one.

What book is your ladies' group going through this fall?

Kathie said...

That would be such a gorgeous spot to kayak Susanne or hike as Faith says. I'm so enthralled with mountains probably because we haven't any here.

We haven't had any frost warnings yet - the temperatures are still quite summery. But I'm just about mentally prepared to shift to fall - we had such a lovely summer. and fall is so pretty!

Glad you enjoyed your evening out - and good restraint! I know you love your purses ;)