Friday, September 04, 2015

Friday's Fave Five #344

Hi everyone.  Welcome to September's first Friday's Fave Five.  It is definitely feeling fallish here right now.   It is getting colder at night and boy it's darker in the morning when I get up.  I'm already closing curtains around  8:30 as it's getting dark so soon now.  How did that happen so fast?  But there's still good things I can be thankful for even though getting up in the dark is not it.  LOL.  So let's find some of the blessings.  Please join in!  Guidelines are linked in the sidebar.

1.  Meals fresh from the garden.  Okay, not my garden but still fresh from a garden!  Potatoes, beets and beet tops from my friend and neighbor.  Ox heart tomatoes from my mom, roma tomatoes and yellow tomatoes from my plants that are planted at my mom's.  We have so many tomatoes we've enjoyed toasted tomato sandwhiches several times.   I've made pico de galo for the first time.  Can we say yum to the freshness and so easy.  (Recipe coming).   We've literally just been slicing them up to eat as a snack.  And the potatoes!!! What's better than fresh dug potatoes with butter and fresh parsley.  Yum!!  This is the first time ever I've tried beet tops, and though I must admit they weren't to my tastes so much,  they sure made a pretty picture!  LOL.  But I'm gonna love making borsht out of them.

2.  A nice week getting back to fall routine.  While I love summer and the freedom and casualness it gives, I am glad to get back to fall routine.  Especially in dayhome with the kids.  It somehow just anchors the day better.

3.  My library online.  How I love this bonus from our library system.  I can browse, I can put on hold, read and write reviews and rate books.  I can build shelves:  in progress, for later and completed.  There is magazines, e books, and on and on and on.  How did we survive without this little feature of the library even 10 years ago?

4.  Evening walks.  Even though last night was colder, some of evenings have been lovely for taking a nice walk.  Getting up and out into some fresh air, clears my head from the day, and getting moving instead of sitting around makes me feel better.  Hope they continue on into the fall.

5.  Lime body wash.  A real waker upper!  Love that smell!

What have your favourites been this week?


Susan said...

I am also loving the online aspect of the library as well - especially being able to immediately check out books that are on kindle. This is such a blessing and a privilege.

I love the scent of lime. Makes me wish it were time to buy new soap.

Good for you reagrding evening walks. I took one this week and it felt so good. But I never made it back out the other nights. Way to go!!!

Have a good week, Susanne.
PS - I read your review (except for the spoiler alert) on The Life of Pi. It is now on my to read list! Thanks.

Gattina said...

It is the same here too ! days are getting shorter and autumn is in the air ! We had some fresh tomatoes from a friend, very huge once they tasted so good ! Only sliced with a little olive oil and salt !

Tori Leslie said...

Wow, that's quite the haul! I don't really care for beets either but I like the root in small amounts. Don't think borsht would be my taste.
I am super excited for fall though, can't wait to wear my sweaters. Have a great weekend!

Faith said...

yay for fresh produce that is locally grown! we enjoy fresh tomato slices with a piece of mozzarella and fresh basil ....yum!! i like the beet greens sauteed ina bit of olive oil but i dont like the bulb part. Summer weather is definitiely not over for us here in eastern NY. it has been 88-92 F here all week with very high humidity. although cooler is supposed to come in today....yay! our routine begins next Wednesday so we are savoring these last few days of summer break. I like lur online library system too because i can renew and put on hold. enjoy your weekend!

Susanne said...

Faith: Summer weather is not over for us either. After this little blip of cold it will change again. We’ll be getting our Indian summer and we’ll see hot days yet in September and probably into October too.

Barbara H. said...

We've benefited from fresh produce from a neighbor as well. I don't think I have ever had beets, though. They haven't been something I have wanted to try, but they may surprise me.

I love the more carefree feel of summer, too, but it is good to get back into a fall routine. I really do better with more structure although I chafe against it sometimes.

I just noticed recently that it is getting dark significantly earlier and wondered when that happened! I don't like when it is dark by dinnertime like it is in winter after Daylight Savings Time ends, but I don't like when it is light til 10 p.m., either - makes it hard to wind down to rest at night. But the time of sunset now is perfect (for my preferences. :-) ).

I've enjoyed being able to look up and place books on hold at the library online but haven't investigated some of those other features. Will have to do that!

ellen b said...

Your fresh produce looks delicious. Glad you are getting in the swing of your day home. Our daughter enjoys library online. I still have to hold a book in my hands. Have a great weekend.

Willow said...

We have been enjoying our nightly walks, too. There's something so relaxing about evening walks.

Oh, that fresh produce looks wonderful! Freshly dug potatoes? Someday I'd like to learn to grow potatoes.

My sister in law loves her on line library book options although I haven't gotten in to that yet. You can carry around more books on a Kindle though which is a good thing.

Evie said...

what a wonderful list

Karen said...

I've never grown potatoes, but would like to give it a try. Next year! I keep hearing about how delicious they are, fresh from the garden.

I didn't get it together for FFF last week. I don't know where the time goes, but it seems there just isn't enough of it these days.

Enjoy the rest of your week, Susanne.

netablogs said...

Nice to find your blog through the Simple Woman's Daybook :) I live in BC, so I feel like we are almost neighbours! I'm with you on online libraries. As usual, so many books, so little time!

nikkipolani said...

Sorry I missed leaving a comment last week -- technical difficulties! And while you were enjoying garden-fresh produce, so was I :-) I'm certainly with you on online library services. So handy and just a little bit addictive!