Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday's Fave Five #343

Well I cannot believe it is the last FFF of August, which essentially for me is the last FFF of the summer.  I know that summer technically goes until September 21 but for all intents and purposes the end of August is the end of summer for me.  Everything changes.  Kids go back to school, the easy, laid back days are over and the Dayhome takes on more of a purposeful, organized feeling about it, the nights are already cooler and getting dark so fast.  Activities start to pick up once again.  This is a perfect time to look for the blessings in this last week of summer ease.  Please join us.  Newcomers can link in the sidebar for the guidelines.

1.  Coffee Jelly.  Yes, you read that right.  Who knew there was such a wonderous thing?  My sis surprised me with some for taking care of her fur babies while she was on holidays in the Okanagan.Okanagan  They sure have all sorts of delicious stuff there and this Summerland Sweets company has some really unique flavored jams and jellies and syrups.    I'm thinking this is going to be really yummy in some thimble cookies at Christmas time!

2.  A really great weekend.  You know how sometimes things just all fall perfectly and produce a wonderful end result and you just know it was a blessing from God?  Well, last week was like that.  A perfectly wrapped gift handed to us.  It started with a great workout Saturday morning, then a fun matinee movie, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, with good friends.  Next was a wonderful cup of tea shared with said friends with lots of laughter thrown in.  And while we were at the show, another friend txted and asked us over for appetizers.  Another great couple of hours spent later in the evening with them.  Sunday was a great church service and then we just had to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go for a long bike ride on Sunday.  Perfect weather for that...sunny yet coolish air.  Ending the weekend visiting with my mom and my sis's family.  Everybody's company and our activities were just a true blessing that weekend and I'm very thankful we don't have to do life alone.

3.  Getting off work a half hour earlier yesterday.  I know this may not seem like much, but it couldn't have happened on a better day!  I had so much to do, including 2 appointments and a library pick up that needed doing, right after work that day.  That measly little 30 minutes gave me some breathing space.

4.  Dwelling on summer memories.  Just looking through our summer pictures and dwelling on memories has brought smiles to me this week.  Though we didn't have an official holiday where we got far away for a week there were many wonderful day trips and family time and date time with hubby that I am so grateful for.  I can close off this summer with a very contented, thankful sigh.

5.  Vacuuming.  Quite a weird thing, but seriously, giving the house a good vacuum makes me feel peaceful.  Sometimes when the carpets are a mess, I get all agitated and I don't even know why.  And then I vacuum getting rid of those bits of everything and it's like a breath of fresh air.  I know weird, but really it does make me happy so it's a fave.  

What have been your favourite blessings this week?


Willow said...

Oops--the first link with my name is from last week. The second one is correct.
My life picks up in September too and I have that same mentality--summer is over. I'm glad you had that great weekend with friends as a happy send off.
You are welcome to come over any time and vacuum for me :)

Susan said...

Coffee Jelly sounds so delish and what a unique gift. If it tastes as GREAT as it sounds, you might have to make the thimble cookies before Christmas if you want to use THIS jar of jelly.I looked up a recipe and it is now on my to-do list. BTW - the link for the Okanagan is broken.

I just came home from watching Mission Impossible. I agree, it was great. Jeremy Renner was soooo great (as were the others stars). And the movie was better b/c I was with a friend.

How awesome that you had lots of "friend" time last week.That is a perfect way to cap off the summer.

Not weird at all - about vacuuming. I clean the bathroom when I want to sort myself out. Since it is so small, it is EASY to get it in TIP TOP shape fast and without a lot if fuss.

Have a great week, Susanne

Gattina said...

Coffee jelly ? Never heard about that, but it sounds good, I love coffee ! You don't have to go far to have nice holidays. I only was away once this summer but as we had such a nice weather I felt on holidays sitting at home and enjoy the yard or going on little excursions. For me too the summer ends in August ! In September start all my activities again and I can see at the traffic on the roads that summer is over !

Barbara H. said...

I feel the same way about summer - it's pretty much over by the end of August, even though officially it lasts until September (and to me, winter starts Dec. 1 rather than Dec. 20-something).

I am trying to imagine how coffee jelly would taste! I can picture it better on cookies than on toast.

I only saw the first Mission Impossible movie and really enjoyed it - I don't know why we never got to the others. The preview for this one sounds good.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! An extra 30-minue breathing space helps a great deal. I am the same way with vacuuming and with dishes in the sink - I'm not fanatical about putting every dish or glass away immediately, but I hate starting out working in the kitchen with a sink full of dishes. I just feel more of a mess mentally when the floors are dirty or the sink full and more restful when they are taken care of.

Barbara H. said...

Oops - i just saw that on Mr. Linky, somehow I put "Friday's Fave Five" instead of my name. Duh! So I put in my name and the right link afterward. I didn't see a way to remove the wrong one. Sorry!

nikkipolani said...

How nice to have an easy fix like vacuuming to restore your sense of order and sanity ;-)

Having some extra daylight time not at work is always a fave, now that the days are shortening. Your weekend sounds perfectly lovely with a balance of visiting.

Karen said...

That coffee jelly sounds yummy, and on cookies . . . oh my! Your weekend with friends and family is a huge blessing. (I like the Mission Impossible movies, will have to see this one). I am terrible about vacuuming! so if you like a good vacuuming, come to my house and you would be euphoric afterwards!

Will be back later to post my list and link up!


Jerralea said...

Coffee jelly? Somehow I can't imagine it ...

My happy place is when my husband does the vacuuming ... when I think he should!

ellen b said...

Yes, for me summer stops when school starts!
I do love a freshly vacuumed house. Feels so good!
Hope you have a great weekend!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

ooh that coffee jelly in cookies sounds delicious. It might be good over some ice cream also.