Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday's Fave Five #339

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five everyone!  Hope you are having a wonderful week, but if it's not one of the best I hope you will still join in and look for good blessings even in the midst of the hard.  That's what it's all about.  Sometimes it's easy and sometimes one has to really dig deep.   But there are good things if we but look for them.

For the most part I've been off the computer as my hand heals from surgery but I'll try to get through the five again today.  

1.  Bike Rack.  I love to bike.  And hubby and I take advantage on nice weekend mornings and try to get out on the bikes.  I love the trails around my city and we have favourite neighborhoods that we also like to ride through.  But I've always thought it would be fun if we could take our bikes to different places and explore them while riding.  So we finally splurged and bought a bike rack.  I'm so excited.  Now I just need this hand to be able to support me holding the handles and we're off.

2.  Rogue Restaurant.  Hubby and I tried a new restaurant in town.  It's located in an unusual location.  The city's old water tower.  There is already a restaurant in there but we rarely get to that one as it's quite expensive being fine dining and all, but now they have put another one on the level below and it's more of a casual type place.  It's a grand view of the city and the food was absolutely delicious.  It's got quite the concept.   The menu will be changing completely every four months or so, and we heard that possibly the decor would too, to match the menus.  Right now it was Americana.  Hubby had an absolutely unique and delicious burger and I had butter chicken with saffron rice (I've never had saffron rice before), and the absolute best naan bread I've ever tasted!  And bonus we could see a bit of the air show happening off in the distance.

3.   My Happy Place.  This year was a staycation for me because of the hand, but my dear Hubby made sure I got to my happy place once again, the mountains.  We went with my sis and her hubby and it was a really nice day trip.  We hiked a trail we've never done before and it took us to a gorgeous lake.  My crazy dog was sooo happy that as soon as he saw the lake he jumped right in like a nut.  I think it's his happy place too.

4.  Lots and lots of reading.  With me having to take it a bit easy with the hand, there has been lots of time for reading.  I've finished 3 books so far, working on the 4th.   I don't know what I would do without books.  They are such a wonderful way to pass time.  Inside and outside!

5.  Extra friend time.  With a 2 week staycation it has given me time to have friend time that is usually harder to come by when I am working.  I got to have coffee with a good friend whom I don't see that often twice in this time and it's been so nice to catch up without being super tired in an evening visit or rushed on a weekend visit.  I could get used to not working, I think!

Of course, like last week, I have to give my wonderful hubby a medal.  He has been so helpful.  He's taken me out to eat I don't know how many times, he's cleaned the playroom carpet which is always done on my maintenance week, he's done dishes, painted the swingset and pretty much waited on me hand and foot.  I am truly blessed to have him.

What were your favorites this week?


Willow said...

Your staycation sounds just perfect--except of course for the surgery on your hand. I know you're going to love that bike rack. We have one and love being able to load the bikes and go to a different location to ride.

Faith said...

Oh I am saying a prayer for your hand! I am so glad that your hubby is a wonderful helpmate......that is indeed a blessing!
i love the lake photo but am curious about the mountains in the background. are they granite?? ours here for the most part are full of deep woods trees with pines, oak, birches, ceder, maples. the tops of certain peaks are bare from various rock. it looks like i would love hiking in yohr area, too!! that restaurant sounds interesting and we nave owned a bike rack for wil love it!! the only thing for me is that I cant life my bike onto it by my self due to back issues so i dont get away from. y town on my bike by myself. but when we DO go together i love the places my husband chooses. enjoy this weekend and heal quickly!!

Gattina said...

I hope your hand will be better soon, yes, husbands have to help out. We have always done household stuff together, so I wouldn't even realize the difference, lol ! I am fed up with bikes ever since my son lives in Amsterdam, where everybody rides bikes and no cars and ran you over ! The average number of bikes per family are 5 !!! Imagine ! I am on Holidays in England and go home on Sunday.

aspiritofsimplicity said... can see the silver lining in the cloud. I'm glad but I still hope that your hand heals quickly.

Barbara H. said...

Hope your hand continues to heal well. You're doing quite nicely with one-handed typing! :-)

The restaurant sounds fun! Glad you got to visit with friends and get lots of reading in!

Your dog must love the water. Ours hated it and would never get in willingly. Glad you both got to visit your happy place!

The bike rack will come in really handy!

Kudos to your husband!

nikkipolani said...

You've certainly made the best of the healing time. What a wonderful view of those glorious mountains. I love it that your dog was so ecstatic, too.

I'd be interested to hear how that restaurant does with their four-month scheme. Your meal sounds delicious -- and with an airshow to boot!

Susan said...

Hello Susanne,

I tried to paste in a medal, but I wasn't able to figure it out. lol. Yes, you certainly have been blessed by a supportive husband this past week. And I am sure you do the same for him. ;)

I love being able to have cleaned carpets - such a luxury to walk on with bare feet.

I went to the mountains this past week too. It was a scene of total majesty. While I prefer the ocean, the mountains were a winner this time because of who I went with.

I hope you have another week of great healing!

Jerralea said...

Glad you are enjoying your staycation and your rest! Love that mountain photo!

You are blessed to have such a helpful hubby.

ellen b said...

Hats off to your dear hubby! That restaurant sounds interesting. Glad you have some time off to heal and enjoy some friend time.

Karen said...

This is such a great list. I say that a lot, but this truly is a GREAT list. Everything says 'summer.' Enjoy your week, Susanne.